No Smoking Day 2021: Save Life And Give Up Smoking! Check Out These 7 Tips To Quit Smoking

No Smoking Day 2021: Smoking is a harmful habit that cannot be given up easily. Check out these tips and methods that can help in quitting smoking.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Oct 13, 2020Updated at: Mar 09, 2021
No Smoking Day 2021: Save Life And Give Up Smoking! Check Out These 7 Tips To Quit Smoking

No Smoking Day 2021: Many people are habitual to smoking and can't live without it. Their day and every meal starts with a cigarette-like coffee/tea and ends with it too. Smoking addiction is a severe and widespread issue. If not controlled on time, Smoking can lead to severe chronic health diseases. It causes dangerous health problems like cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes and even a stroke. Smoking is injurious to your health, and it can be very tough to quit this addiction. Smoking cravings should be handled and controlled by appropriate steps on your own. Otherwise, some numerous institutions and medications can help you with the same. There are several ways to help your self to give up this harmful habit. Further in this article, you will know about some tips and methods on how to quit smoking.

Quit-smoking tips

Quitting smoking can seem very difficult, but it is not impossible. Smoking tobacco is both a psychological and physical addiction. Instead of thinking about it as a pleasure or stress buster, could you take it as a danger for your body? If you're a heavy smoker, below listed are some tips to quit smoking:

  • Set an aim: To do anything in life, it is essential to set a target for yourself. Fixing a drive makes you focus on and ignore all the distractions around you. Therefore, to eliminate smoking from your life, you have to note your aim of doing so. It will help you in reminding your reasons.


  • Make a decision: Make a firm decision and don't go back. A dicey decision is not going to help you in giving up this longing and addictive habit. You have to be sure about it and take a bold decision. This is also one of the most helpful ways to quit smoking.

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  • Take support from friends and family: It is essential to take your closed ones' help. Your friends and family are your bamboo support on this challenging journey. They can push you hard and motivate you in case of a laid back attitude. The encouragement from such close people will help you in quitting.


  • Make yourself busy: Try going for some activities that you have an interest in. Keep yourself alive with activities like swimming, dancing, gaming, binge-watching, studying, etc. If you do so, it will be easier to quit smoking and forget about it.
  • Don't give up: If you have started this phase, then there is no going back. Giving up in between will make all your efforts go in vain. Never give up and continue to follow all the tips mentioned further.


  • Reward yourself: Giving up cigarettes will prevent health diseases and save a lot of money. Well, this is your reward! In the greed of such tips, you will feel even more motivated not to smoke a cigarette. Hence, it is essential to reward yourself to lead a disease-free life.

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  • Exercise and take a balanced diet: There is no better way to keep your journey healthy than exercising daily and taking a balanced diet. Eating a nutritious meal would not only make you feel fresh but also enhance your system. Physical activity is also the key to quitting bad habits. Going on a diet will make it challenging to give up smoking, so don't try that.

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