Walking Backwards or Reverse Walking Has Many Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Have you tried walking backwards? You must as this simple exercise has got a lot of walking backwards health benefits.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: May 26, 2020 11:36 IST
Walking Backwards or Reverse Walking Has Many Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Is there is one physical activity that is easiest and extremely effective, it has to be Walking. This simple activity has exceptional health benefits that only a regular walker would know. But we won’t talk about regular walking here. This article is all about reverse walking or walking backwards benefits. This is no joke but science has backed the theory of walking backwards exercise benefits. Taking reverse steps is a holistic approach for mind and body. 

5 Walking Backwards Health Benefits

Here are five reasons why reverse walking is the best cardio workout for your mind and body. From walking backward benefits for the mind to backward walking for physical health, we have covered them all here.

1. Increases leg strength

There are muscles on both sides of the legs- forward and backward. As we usually walk forwards, only forwards muscles are exercised. Reverse walking, thus, exercises the back muscles which help in increasing leg strength and make them stronger.

2. Relieves Knee Pain

A knee injury or knee pain makes it difficult for a person to walk. One of the walking backwards exercise benefits is easing the stress on knee joints. The journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders published a study that shows that reverse walking promotes knee rehabilitation. People with knee problems can do this activity which doesn’t strain the knees but strengthen them. One more study published in the ‘Journal of Biomechanics’ vouches for backward walking to lower anterior knee pain.

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3. Improves body coordination

Reverse walking for physical health and better body coordination. As you are going against the motion by walking reversely, it will challenge the body to maintain its coordination. Your mind would guide you to take careful steps that shows its mental health benefits.

4. Therapeutic benefits

The Journal of Physical Therapy Science published a study that shows how reverse walking releases happy hormones in the brain to ease stress. It calms down your senses to get over stress. You can also try pranayamas like Bhramari Pranayam to fight stress.

5. Prevent back pain

Poor flexibility in the body is the real reason behind different body pains, especially, back pain. If your hamstrings are inflexible, you are highly likely to get lower back pain. Reverse walking for at least 15-20 minutes a day would work your hamstrings and prevent back pain issues.

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Important Things To Note

You must be blown away by the benefits of reverse walking and would want to do it right away but stop! There are some cautions that you need to read before taking reverse steps.

  • If you are doing outdoors, check if someone is behind you, you may not want to bump into someone with your back!
  • Wear the right shoes to support your ankles and maintain the grip. Investing in good shoes minimizes leg injury risk.
  • If you are doing this indoors, do in a vacant space with no hurdles like furniture, pet, etc.
  • If you plan to do this on a treadmill, keep the speed slow or else you might trip.
  • You can also do a mix of both forward and backward walking for better results.

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