Investing In Good Running Shoes Is A Must To Minimize The Risk Of Leg Injuries

Getting the right pair of running shoes is a must if you want to protect your legs from damage during running. Here are some benefits of investing in running shoes.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Sep 24, 2019 16:16 IST
Investing In Good Running Shoes Is A Must To Minimize The Risk Of Leg Injuries

Shoes are a runner’s one and only protection. Getting the right and perfect-fit pair of shoes is, therefore, a must for them. These not only make running smoother but also secure leg health by preventing any injury while running. Your feet won’t feel sore and tired if you run wearing the right shoes that are specifically meant for running and jogging.

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of running shoes and underestimate their need just to avoid investing extra bucks on them. Hence, they suffer pain, soreness, blisters, etc. after the exercise. Here are some benefits of running shoes that one should consider.

1. Prevent pain, blisters, and other problems

The right kind of shoes would keep your feet secured from various complications that occur will ill-fitting shoes. Running shoes are specifically designed for running only. These provide the coverage that your feet need during running. Every sport has different footwear which caters to the need for feet for that particular sport or exercise. In fact, wearing the right socks with shoes is equally important.

2. Your feet will feel lighter

The right weight of shoes is important. As you run, running shoes would keep your feet lighter. These will also prevent rubbing against the heel which is the primary cause of blisters. These would fit your feet perfectly as per the shape of your foot.

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3. Make exercise smooth

If you want a smooth running experience, get a good pair of running shoes. This is especially necessary for athletes and other people who run on a daily basis. Wearing casual or other shoes(of different sport) is acceptable once in a while but it is not advised in a regular practice.

How to select running shoes?

Selecting a good pair of shoes is very important for obvious reasons. This process does come down to pronation which is a term that defines the degree of rotation of foot towards the inside while running. There are two types of runners: One with too much pronation and others with insufficient pronation. Get in touch with the staff at the shoe store to guide you with the selection. They are knowledgeable enough to help you find the right pair.

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  • You can also take help from a physical therapist to know what kind of shoe to wear.
  • Wear the shoes before buying.
  • Prefer buying shoes during the evening as foot size tends to be larger during the end of the day, strange but true.
  • Try on shoes with socks to ensure that they fit you best in every manner.
  • There should be at least a half-inch distance between your longest toe and shoe end.
  • Don’t forget to take a test run in the store itself.

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