Is Running on a Treadmill as Good as Running Outside? Know Pros and Cons

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of cardiovascular exercise equipments both at home and in the gyms. But, is outdoor running better than the treadmill? Know the pros and cons of treadmill running.

Varsha Vats
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Oct 21, 2018
Is Running on a Treadmill as Good as Running Outside? Know Pros and Cons

A lot of fitness enthusiasts wonder if running on a treadmill is the same as running outside. There have been conflicting opinions and scientific research has found that running on a treadmill is more or less the same as running outside if you make a few easy adjustments. In fact, you can perform some workouts better on a treadmill than you can outside. However, there are certain disadvantages of running on a treadmill. So, here are some pros and cons of treadmill running.

Running on a treadmill vs. Running outside

While you run on a treadmill, the belt moves under you and you don’t have to counter wind which you will have to do when you run outside, so the treadmill running is easier. In theory, you could jump up and down on a treadmill and it would record that you’re running at the speed of a moving belt. Whereas, when you run outside, your legs will have to prompt your motion forward while pushing through wind.

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Benefits of running on treadmill

There can be some instances when running on a treadmill might actually be better than running outside.

When the weather is bad

A hot weather particularly, or bad footing makes it difficult to run outside. Don’t be afraid to hit the treadmill on the days you need to. It is better to have a good workout on the treadmill than suffering through a hot or rainy day or getting hurt.

Imitating race courses while indoors

Many advanced treadmills offer the function of creating your own unique course profile, which you can use to feign the exact course you’re training for. Just program the machine, or if you don’t have that option, manually adjust the incline levels based on the course map, and you can train on the course any day of the week.

Fluid intake without slowing

To teach yourself how to eat and drink without stopping, you must practice taking fluids and carbohydrates on the run. Running a tempo run or long run on the treadmill will allow you to practice eating and drinking without slowing down.

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Disadvantages of Running on Treadmill

Despite of its unique benefits, running on treadmill can be detrimental to your long-term development if the only time you run outside is to race. Here’s what you should watch out for:

No pacing on treadmill

It is easy to set it and get locked in a target pace on treadmill. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t teach you how to properly find and maintain pace on your own. Executing race splits is critical on a race day and just training on a treadmill won’t help.

Treadmill can be boring

You don’t have scenery passing you by and nothing to take your mind off the blinking lights, running on treadmill can make it easy to look at the clock every 30 seconds. Also, unlike running outside, you can’t feel the finish line getting closer and have that natural sense of the distance remaining while running on a treadmill.

The bottom line is that you should approach running on a treadmill with moderation. It can be a great training tool, especially for those who cannot afford to run outside, given their climatic or geographic conditions. However, don’t neglect the specific skills you need to develop by running outside on occasion.

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