5 Kinds Of Skin Blemishes And Treatment For Flawless Skin

Skin blemishes are of many kinds. Take a look at different skin blemishes and their treatment options for flawless skin.

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5 Kinds Of Skin Blemishes And Treatment For Flawless Skin

There is ample number of skin problems that makes your face look less attractive. Any problem that affects your face also brings down your confidence which has an effect on your task and performance. Some are very common problems that most people know about whereas some conditions are less known. However one of the condition have affected majority of people till now. Blemish is a term which can be used for this; it defines any mark that occurs on the skin. Therefore today we are going to discuss about different types of skin blemish and their treatment options that are necessary. 

Is Skin Blemish Harmful for your Skin?

According to Senior Dermatologist Dr. K. Swaroop, skin blemishes need not be always harmful for your body but it does affect your health is some ways. Skin blemishes often reduce confidence, self-esteem and make you wonder about your capabilities. There are many varieties of skin blemishes such as acnes, scars, pimples, blackheads, pigmentation, birthmarks, etc which come under skin blemishes. Even though some are harmless to your skin and occur naturally, others do affect your health in adverse ways. These are skin problems that occur because of chemical based cosmetic, underlying disease or hormonal changes. Some of them can even result to cancer. Therefore it is important to look at different types of skin blemishes properly and get treatment for the same.


Types of Skin Blemishes And Treatments

1. Acnes

This is one of the most common skin problems that occur to majority of people having oily skin. Skin acnes include blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodules and acne cysts. Excess of oil production can happen because of various reasons including these-

  1. Overactive oil glands 
  2. Hormonal changes during puberty
  3. Hormonal changes because of menstruation or at the time of menopause
  4. Because of stress, anxiety, pressure or depression and hormonal changes because of it


You can treat skin acnes by using some tropical creams that are available and benzyl peroxide. Benzyl peroxide is extremely beneficial to get rid of acnes causing bacteria. Apart from this wash your face 3-4 times in a day if you go out often or have very oily skin. Retinoid tablets may also be preferred after consulting your dermatologist. 

2. Hyperpigmentation

This is a condition in which one portion of area of the skin is darker in skin tone that other skin. Hyperpigmentation occurs mostly because of genetic factors and some others like sun damage and acne scarring. Hyperpigmentation is not a disease not should be treated like one. Freckles are a type of hyperpigmentation that usually people develop. Those who have this condition try to hide it or try to escape from people. Freckles appear in small spots that are flat in nature, it can be brown or reddish black in colour and can appear anywhere on the body.


Another type of hyperpigmentation is sunspots which usually occur after an age and leaves behind small patches that are darker in skin tone. It happens where the skin is exposed to sun more often.


Even though hyperpigmentation does not to any damage to your health, people tend to get it treated if possible. There are 3 treatment options for this problem-

1. Over the counter medicines that contain hydroquinone in them which lightens up the dark patches present on the skin.

2. Cortisone cream or tretinoin cream that should also be taken only on prescription

3. Laser treatment- this is a costly treatment which involves laser to remove the dark pigmented skin from your tissues. 

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3. Ingrown Hair

In some cases the hairs that are present on the face and skin can curl back on themselves and grow sideways into the skin. This can lead to bumps and redness on skin. Ingrown hairs occur because of waxing, shaving, plucking of hairs etc. There is no particular treatment method to cure ingrown hairs. But you can cure this condition by different techniques.

Treatment Tips-

  • Shave only in one particular direction
  • Use a shaving gel while shaving
  • Use sharp razors and keep them clean
  • Avoid plucking your hairs


4. Birthmarks

Birthmarks are considered lucky and many people want it on their body. The reality is that it is also a skin blemish. Birthmarks are present from your birth and hence the name is associated with it. This is not a disease or skin problem that needs to be treated in general or causes any discomfort. Infact some birthmarks vanish after some time of birth while others remain. Cause of birthmarks is also not known; most scientific approach to it is when skin pigment cells clump together at one place, then it results in birth mark. You do not need to treat it if it does not bother you. 


There are two major treatments that are present to remove birthmark.

  1. By laser treatment, the skin tone and pigmented cells are removed.
  2. Surgical method to remove birth mark, which is actually harmful. 

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5. Cold Sore

This type of skin blemish occurs on the face because of virus. Cold sores are highly contagious and cause painful, red blisters that are filled with fluid. It can also happen around your lips and mouth and could cause severe discomfort. If you have this skin problem, then isolate yourself as soon as possible as it is can spread to other people around you very quickly. Cold sores occur because of infection with herpes simplex virus.


Cold sores mostly go away within few days by themselves. They can last upto 2 weeks and for speedy recovery, dermatologist may prescribe you some anti-viral medicines. Not other treatment option is needed or available for this skin blemish.

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