Practice Soul Awakening To Align Mind and Body

Soul awakening is a great healing process that helps to align your mind and body. Know more about it in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 20, 2021 09:00 IST
Practice Soul Awakening To Align Mind and Body

For a healthy body and peaceful mental state, your mind and body need to be in synchronization. At times, you may be physically ill that could be hampering your mental health as well. To prevent that, you must balance your mind and body. ModMonk Anshul, Business Psychologist, Spiritual Coach & Mystic, Founder of Soul School shares her knowledge with this article. You must read it to understand your health from a different perspective of self-awareness, self-love and healing.

Importance of Soul Awakening

We are spirit beings having a human experience and not the other way around. Our ‘Chetna’ consciousness knows the true nature of our being and vibrates on the frequency of pure love and divine bliss, but we have forgotten it over the lifetimes that we have lived. It is high time we wake up and understand our true nature.

Over the lifetimes, we have built patterns, ways and biases that we function with and has created a veil that obstructs us from looking at our true self and removing any dirt ( of anger, lust, greed, jealousy, arrogance etc.) as it gives us a false sense of achievement, security.

Importance of Soul Awakening

How To Establish Self Awakening?

Like every plan has a blueprint a foundation that explains why and how it will be executed, so does our life based on our previous karmas in actions and thoughts across time and space. There is a karmic cycle that is in existence and always in play- hammers or enhances the personal growth, finance, academics, spirituality, health, self-image, relationships (with self and others), addictions, fear, self-blame/love, etc. while it determines where we stand and how we react to life currently.

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When we question who am I what is my true nature? what are the concerns I need to face or deal with to see my true nature, which is love and divine bliss- this process itself is awakening. You wake up to your true nature and become one with ‘Krsna Consciousness’ or divine consciousness and see yourself as the universe itself.


When you awaken to your true self, your internal, external and holistic growth is natural, giving you true meaning towards life and building great relationships, ethics and a sense of compassion. You can change your spiritual course by becoming more and more aware in the process, through Bhakti Marg (love) and slowly rewriting the blueprint of your future lives as you learn to release and accept and work through your karmic bonds with awareness and divine help.

Soul Awakening benefits

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We are a part of the divine god, but we have built layers of ignorance over life-times, "SOUL AWAKENING" is a process where we clean our soul, wake up and meet our divine love by steering love and becoming one with him. It is time to wake up. Feel the love. It is time to turn inwards and walk towards your divine bliss. Start loving your body and balancing your mind to align both. This would not only help you lead a healthy and happy life but people surrounding you would also be able to feel your positive energy.

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