Post-Workout Skin Care Routine: 5 Musts After Sweating It Out

Here are some of our suggestions on how you can take care of your skin post workout to avoid breakouts. 

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jul 18, 2021Updated at: Jul 18, 2021
Post-Workout Skin Care Routine: 5 Musts After Sweating It Out

Often done for weight loss and bodybuilding, exercise comes with many other health benefits too such as boosting energy, improving brain functioning, lowering blood pressure and improving your heart health. Exercising is beneficial for your whole body and if done on a regular basis it helps to lead a healthy life. Apart from all this you would be surprised to know that exercising can do wonders to your skin too. Exercising helps to boost up the blood circulation which in turn spreaded oxygen and nourishes your skin. Where workouts can improve your skin quality there are some things that you need to keep in mind post workout to keep skin problems like acne, blemishes and rashes at bay.

Post Workout Skincare Tips

Here are some of our suggestions on how you can take care of your skin post workout to avoid breakouts. 

1. Do not Touch

Do not touch

Try not to touch your face while or after working out. As you have been touching the gym equipment and now touching your face with those dirty hands can be the best way to spread bacteria on your skin and we surely do not want that. Try your best to not touch your face post workout or the bacteria getting transferred from all those gym equipment to your face would take no time to cause that stubborn acne. If you want you can always use a towel to wipe off your face while working out.

2. Cleanse


One of the most important steps of any skincare routine is to cleanse your face. Step into that shower or at least wash your face but after all that sweating and exposing your skin to dust and dirt you surely need to start off from a fresh canvas. As after working out there are high chances that your skin attracts impurities, dirt, bacteria, dust, dead skin cells and bacteria which may either cause breakouts or some kind of skin infection.

The best way to keep all the blemishes and acne at bay take a shower with lukewarm water and double cleanse your face with oil based and gel based cleaner

3. Moisturise


Moisturise your skin well as this moisturizer can be your best friend. The key to making your skin feel calm, moisturizer helps to soothe that post workout itchiness and redness on your skin. A water-based light moisturizer is what you need after those heavy workout sessions as the anti-inflammatory properties of these moisturizers would help you to soothe your skin and calm down any kind of inflammation. A light water based moisturiser is also recommended as it has a soothing effect and can replenish your skin without clogging your pores. It is also important to moisturise your skin to hydrate your skin and to replenish the water content which it has lost by sweating during workout. 

4. SPF


And here we are again, reminding you about the importance of SPF in your skincare routine. Whether or not you are going to step out in that harsh sun, sunscreen is still important to save you from harsh sun rays which have the potential to damage your skin even if a bit of it comes in contact with your skin through those glass windows or panes. Applying sunscreen can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, avoids inflammation and redness and also prevents skin from signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. As post workout your pores tend to be more sensitive and your skin needs some extra care and attention, applying SPF to protect it from those harsh UV rays can be really beneficial.

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5. Hydrate


There comes another reminder to chug some water down. Drinking water is something that your life in a way revolves around, a simple and essential activity that cleanses your body, maximises your performance, increases brain functioning and promotes cardiovascular health, a simple glass of water has the potential to do it all. 

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Not just your body but your skin gets benefitted to from all the water you drink. Drinking adequate amounts of water and keeping yourself hydrated makes your skin supple, less oily, less itchy, irritated or inflamed. As while exercising and working out you lose a lot of water content by sweating, getting that water back right in is really important and hence make sure that you drink up at least one glass of water once you are done working out.

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