5 Things That Can Worsen Your Acne

Here we have 5 things you need to avoid that can worsen your acne, especially those who have a history of horrible breakouts on face

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Jun 12, 2021 09:00 IST
5 Things That Can Worsen Your Acne

We all hate acne and a pimple appearing out of the blues specially before a special occasion is everyone’s worst nightmare. We all are scared of pimples to such a great extent that we are ready to spend any amount of money and try all the DIY hacks that we can in order to get rid of them. These hit and miss tricks might ditch you sometimes but good habits won’t. There are many instances when we do things knowingly or unknowingly that actually worsen our skin conditions and can be a promoter for these ugle pimples. Here we have 5 things you need to avoid that can worsen your acne.

What is acne?

Before we try to treat or avoid something, it's better to have a basic understanding about it. If explained in a simple language acne is a chronic inflammatory condition that leads to breaking out of the skin and causes pimples, whiteheads, cysts, blackheads, nodules, etc. There are many possible causes that can lead to acne such as hormonal change in puberty, stress, menstruation, medications, etc.


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Things to avoid that can worsen your acne

1# Popping your pimples

And we are repeating this for the zillionth time, DO NOT POP YOUR PIMPLES! However tempting it might seem but keep your hands away from those pimples. Pimples are surrounded by bacterias that are trapped by your skin, whenever you squeeze or pop a pimple there are two fates that you decide for yourself. Either the trapped bacteria gets deeper into your skin along with that pus and makes your pimple more swollen and red which makes it worse or the bacteria which comes out by popping gets spread around which results in more pimples on the nearby sites. The worst case out of all is when squeezing your pimples lead to scabs which would leave a permanent scar or pit on your face. If this didn’t scare you then nothing can.

Takeaway: Give your pimple some time to go away and never ever pop it off using your fingers or nails or else it will leave a scar on your face for a lifetime.

2# Your Phone

Don’t be so surprised, you roam around with your phone everywhere, touch it a trillion times in a day, how did you not think that it can be the reason behind all those breakouts? The dirt and bacteria from your fingers gets transferred and accumulated on the screens of your smartphones. When you use your phone while talking to someone you rub that dirty screen accumulated with lots of bacteria against your face and that causes breakouts on your cheeks, chin and mouth. Apart from this when you touch your face after using your phone the same bacteria gets transferred from your phone to your fingers and then to your face. Not just this, your dirty smartphone screen can also be the reason for various illnesses including stomach infection for those of you who are constantly on their phones while eating.

Takeaway: Make sure that you keep your phone clean and rub it off using anti bacterial wipes on a regular basis. In addition to that you can always use earphones to avoid your cell phone screen getting in contact with your face.


3# Ignoring sunscreen

Well do you remember the count of how many times you have been asked to use that sunscreen? Well if not then this is your chance to make your sunscreen your best friend forever (or bff as you call it). Not applying sunscreen is one of the biggest sin you are doing and is a way to torture your skin. Not just protecting your screen from those harsh UV A and UV B rays but sunscreen has also been proven helpful to prevent acne. Loaded with zinc oxide and niacinamide sunscreen is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which can help you to treat existing acne, reduce redness and keep those pimples at bay.

Takeaway: Never forget to apply sunscreen no matter if you are indoors or outdoors as it would not just protect you from tanning but will help you with your acne too.

4# Make-up Brush

I see you have been using that make up brush for quite a while now and how beautifully you have kept it on your dressing table by exposing it to all the dirt in your room. What was the last time you washed it? Well if you can’t recall then this is the reason behind all those pimples on your face. Your makeup brush bristles work as a magnet for all that dust, dirt, bacteria and oil. Not washing your makeup brushes after regular intervals and keeping them out open can make a lot of dust accumulate and cause breakouts. Cleaning your brushes is not a rocket science experiment but a simple task which can be done with the help of warm water and your regular shampoo. Deep clean your brushes by using this method on a weekly basis and wipe them off with the help of antibacterial wipes after every use.

Takeaway: Keep your clean and covered after every use to avoid skin problems and to keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing.


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5# Sleeping with makeup on

Do you remember once upon a time when you came home really late after enjoying that amazing party and crashed on the bed without removing your makeup? The time when you sleep is the time that your skin takes to replenish and renew itself. This process of regenerating cells allows the oil to flow to your skin and your make up traps that oil resulting into clogged pores. The makeup has been mixed with various pollutants throughout the day and when it gets trapped in our skin it attracts acne causing bacteria towards your skin.  Going further when you already have a pimple and you sleep with your makeup on when you already have an active pimple it might lead to inflammation. 

Takeaway: Make sure that you wash your face properly using a mild cleanser before going to bed. Makeup removers can leave behind some of the product on your skin and cause pimples.

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