Here’s All You Need To Know About Types Of Wrinkles And Tips To Reduce Signs Of Ageing

Wrinkles can give you sleepless nights but did you know following a proper skincare routine can delay the process of aging?

Dr. Geeta Grewal
Written by: Dr. Geeta GrewalPublished at: Nov 02, 2020Updated at: Nov 02, 2020
Here’s All You Need To Know About Types Of Wrinkles And Tips To Reduce Signs Of Ageing

Aging occurs in all our organs but is most visible in the skin. Folds and lines effect our face with aging. Breakdown in skin collagen elastin and decrease in glucosaminoglycans weaken the skin strength and decrease skin resilience. Underlying facial muscles on the other hand build strength over years of repeated use . With weaker skin these muscles can really fold the skin and this repeated folding of skin at same point breaks the skin in deeper layers and etched lines appear on skin surface. 

Different Kinds Of Wrinkles

As aesthetic practioner I surprise my patients when I tell them you laugh a lot or you are usually angry , few of them thought I do face reading as well. Everyone uses a different set of muscle as to the their expressions. People who are always smiling tend to develop wrinkles around their eyes also called crows feet much faster compared to others. The other kinds of wrinkles that one can get are listed below” 

  • Crows Feet
  • Atrophic wrinkles 
  • Gravitational folds 
  • Compression wrinkles
  • Elastic Creases 


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How to Treat Or Prevent Wrinkles? 

Wrinkles in their initial stage are dynamic as in they appear when you use the expression muscles. Botox works like miracle at this stage by relaxing the muscle and thus giving overlying skin time to repair and auto heal. If not treated at this stage the wrinkle progress to next stage which is called static wrinkles, in this stage even when you are not really contracting the muscles, the resting tone in muscles keep skin folded. Hence a total thickness of skin has impact with deep itched lines on surface and break in deeper dermal layer in this stage. Just relaxing  the muscle with Botox will not be sufficient and we need to repair the skin with fillers or healing growth factors.

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What Affects Skin Ageing? 

Skin aging is due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Amount of sun exposure,  pollutants , stress management, lack of nutrients in diet, increases sugars, hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, improper sleep pattern. And, wrinkled skin lacks resilience bruises very quickly. Hence, listed below are some tips to follow to prevent early or fast ageing signs: 

  • Protect yourself from UVA and UVB use a broad spectrum sunscreen regularly, use a physical protection when stepping out between 11-3 pm 
  • Use a moisturiser with vitamin C ferulic acid as addictive. Bedtime retinol vitamins C niacinamide help to stimulate collagen synthesis.
  • Topical hyaluronic acid help to replenish the HA content in akin giving the plump look. 
  • Increase oral intake of green leafy vegetables spinach asparagus celery onions legumes nuts, pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds berries avoid sugar milk and milk products to prevent glycation injury to collagen. 


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  • Pomegranate pineapple oranges pumpkin seeds walnuts help to quench the free radicals damage . 
  • Topical CoQ10 based creams help to repair skin collagen 
  • Keep yourself well hydrated , remember to clean your face twice daily use a good moisturiser and vitamin c based serum and retinol to stimulate collagen.

The only way to prevent early ageing is by taking ample care of your skin. So do not forget to cleanse, use good products on skin and take a good night sleep! You cannot stop wrinkles to happen but you can certainly delay them by following a good skincare routine. 

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