Are Fillers And Botox Safe? Here Are Pre And Post Care Tips For Those Planning To Get Fillers

Do you know how Botox works? Here’s what our grooming expert Dr Geeta Grewal has to say.

Dr. Geeta Grewal
Written by: Dr. Geeta GrewalUpdated at: Sep 14, 2020 09:00 IST
Are Fillers And Botox Safe? Here Are Pre And Post Care Tips For Those Planning To Get Fillers

We all crave for healthy soft, resilient skin. Botox and Fillers are like magic wands in the hands of treating doctors. These are the most amazing tools for anti-ageing treatments. They are like modern medicine miracles giving 100 per cent instant results with no downtime and minimal pain. These treatments are safe, incredibly effective but highly skill-oriented, not only doctors need to know the injectable anatomy but they also need a sharp astute aesthetic eye to diagnose the flaw on the face, only when you place the product accurately you can deliver natural-looking results. As I would say these products are 100 per cent performers, it’s not possible to not give results the only key is to provide natural results or to accentuate the beauty of an already beautiful face which makes these treatments quite challenging at times. Diagnosing the ageing impact or identifying the deficits in the golden ratio can help to customise the treatment plan.


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What Are Botox & Fillers?

Botox helps to relax the facial muscles, which built up strength over the period. It also varies depending on the set of facial muscles that are overused hence more powerful, e.g. if someone frowns a lot, the muscle complex that helps to frown shall become firm. Also, due to repeated fold of skin-deep lines and eventually scarring in the skin happens that is dynamic wrinkles convert to static wrinkles. Botox treatment works on both, but in static wrinkle, patients would need fillers as well to repair the skin.

PRO TIP: Patients are advised to consciously break the habit of overuse of these set of facial muscles to prolong the results of Botox and to decrease the dose of Botox for subsequent treatment. 


How Does It Work?

Botox has therapeutic benefits on strengthening the skin and healing skin. Not only does Botox work like magic for lines and wrinkles, but it also helps to slim the face and strategically placed Botox in the lower face can give a beautiful lifting effect. Avoid rubbing/massaging treated areas for the next few hours is all that you need to take care of post-procedure advice, thus making these treatments patient-friendly with low maintenance and efforts post-procedure. 

Fillers have revolutionised the field of cosmetic treatment. These products are safe, effective and result oriented. Fillers can be used to repair rejuvenate the skin, boost collagen instant plumping effect, replacing fat pads, to recreate the bony support from sharp, well-defined jawline to sharp lifted pointy nose tip all can be achieved with just a few pricks. Tiny multiple pricks in the superficial skin help to plump up thinning elastotic photoaged skin.

PRO TIP: Avoid too much green tea ginseng garlic cloves and avoid these procedures near your cycles to prevent bruising.


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Pre And Post Care Tips For Those Planning To Get Fillers Soon?

  • Avoid exercising massaging the treated area, avoid these treatments if you have skin infections.
  • Under Eye dark circles and the tired look is the most common indication for fillers which can be treated with high satisfaction. Usually, patients come with complaints of lumpy appearance after under-eye fillers, which is due to wrong product selection or wrong placement of product. 
  • Overfill, under correction, and asymmetrical results are other effects that can be minimised with judicious and skilful use of these highly potent products. Take away message is to choose your treating doctor wisely and trust the doctor whom you choose. Stay beautiful stay healthy

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