Not Able To Step Out In These Pandemic Times? Here Are Tips To Do Salt Therapy At Home

Salt therapy is an extremely relaxing and effective remedy to relieve many health problems.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Sep 17, 2020 11:10 IST
Not Able To Step Out In These Pandemic Times? Here Are Tips To Do Salt Therapy At Home

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Salt therapy has become very popular lately after its health benefits were recognized. This alternative therapy is done by inhaling pharmaceutical-grade dry salt in a controlled environment to ease respiratory illnesses. While salt consumption is considered to be harmful to health, inhaling salt doesn’t impact the health or body of a person as the exposure to the respiratory system is limited. While it is suggested that you get salt therapy done by a professional, especially for the first time, this can also be done at home with proper setup and precautions.

Salt therapy benefits


Salt therapy has recently become popular for the ample benefits it offers in terms of general respiratory health. People who are suffering from bronchitis, asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, etc. are receiving benefits from salt therapy. For them, this natural remedy is working wonders in easing the symptoms and providing relief. This therapy is not new but is dated thousands of years back. Some experts believe that this has been prevalent since when humans started to live in caves. As salt is a naturally-obtained ingredient, it is one of the most commonly used items by cavemen. Inhaling salt particles are found to be beneficial for health.

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Tips to do salt therapy at home

To conduct salt therapy, you would need a salt machine as the basic requirement. An ultrasonic salinized machine is a right pick for salt therapy. Also, the right kind of salt to conduct the therapy. The best type of salt for salt therapy is natural rock salt. This machine makes the salt particles minuscule so that they can be easily inhaled without causing an obstruction. Since the particles are very tiny, they only enter the respiratory system and not the body to cause problems. The inhaled salt is easily eliminated through the mucus without even a particle getting into the digestive tract.

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There are two steps that you are to follow when doing salt therapy at home

Use an airway cleansing device


There are certain airway cleansing devices like Aerobika that you can opt for. These look like inhalers or asthma pumps. Using this for 10-15 minutes would remove all the excess thick mucus from the airways that are the primary cause of respiratory problems.

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Use a salinizer

  • A salt therapy machine or salinizer is apt to conduct this process. You can keep this device in either room of your house to carry out the salt therapy process. Put salt in the machine and it will release minuscule salt particles into the air. The air, after a few hours, becomes antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. As you inhale, it boosts breathing functions along with expelling excess mucus and reducing inflammation.

  • People with conditions like cold, acute sinus, asthma and allergies can try this therapy to get instant relief. Also, this is a completely safe process that doesn’t cause any side-effects. You can either do both steps or skip the 2nd step, the choice is yours. Although the benefits double if you consider both procedures.

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