Epsom salt: Know Surprising Health Benefits and Uses

Epsom salt has various health benefits. It can help you reduce anxiety, stress and inflammation. Read on to know other health benefits of Epsom salt.

Varsha Vats
Written by: Varsha VatsUpdated at: Dec 10, 2018 14:30 IST
Epsom salt: Know Surprising Health Benefits and Uses

Epsom salt has now become a very popular remedy which is used to treat various ailments. It is also known as magnesium sulfate which comprises of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. It looks similar to table salt but has different taste and is used differently. It is mainly used by dissolving in water because when it dissolves in water, it releases magnesium and sulfate ions. It is most commonly used in baths and cosmetics. It provides magnesium to the body which is an important mineral for the body. Epsom salt provides various health benefits. It is an alternate remedy for which has been widely used for centuries. You can find Epsom salt easily in the market and use it to treat various health conditions. Read on to know various health benefits of Epsom salt and how to use it.

Reduces stress and anxiety

The presence of magnesium in Epsom salt helps in fighting stress and anxiety. Magnesium helps the brains produce neurotransmitters which reduced stress. It will also help you get adequate sleep. You can add Epsom salt to your bath to reduce stress. It will give a soothing effect which will reduce stress and help you sleep better. Magnesium also helps you produce melatonin, which is a hormone that promotes sleep. Adequate sleep will automatically reduce stress also and promote good health.

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Reduces pain and inflammation

Magnesium is commonly used as a remedy to relieve pain like muscle cramps or menstrual cramps. When you have magnesium deficiency you are more likely to develop migraine headaches. You can consume Epsom salt to prevent migraine headaches. Epsom salt also reduces inflammation and treats the symptoms of arthritis. You can add Epsom salt to your bathtub and relax. This will help you reduce arthritis pain and swelling.

Better magnesium absorption

Magnesium is necessary for the body to perform various functions. Most of the people are unaware of the necessity of magnesium for the human body and do not consume enough magnesium. Few studies have claimed that Epsom salt helps the body to absorb magnesium and also provides magnesium. An adequate amount of magnesium in the body will promote heart health. It will also help you prevent asthma, depression and type-2 diabetes.

Promotes digestion

Epsom salt can also promote digestion. Magnesium helps in treating digestive disorders like constipation and keeps the gut healthy. Epsom salt can help you treat constipation. You should consult your doctor before consuming Epsom salt for digestion. Your doctor will help you know the exact quantity and the time when you should consume Epsom salt.

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Epsom salt for detoxification

Epsom salt will help you detoxify your body. Most of salt detox baths are made of Epsom salt which allows helps in throwing out toxins from the body. All you need to do is enjoy an Epsom salt bath and get rid of all the toxins.

Other health benefits of Epsom salt are :

  • Eases discomfort caused by gout
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Can be used as a natural face cleanser
  • Treats itchiness

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