Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Salt: Which One Do You Use?

How many types of salt do you know? Read this article to test your knowledge about various kinds of salts.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Oct 24, 2019 13:32 IST
Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Salt: Which One Do You Use?

Salt is one of the most important kitchen ingredients which can make or break your food. This condiment apart from enhancing the flavor of the food manages blood pressure to keep your heart healthy. Salt is made up of two essential minerals- sodium and chlorine both of which are necessary for the body. Salt is a generalized term that holds a wide range of different kinds of salt. Do you know all the varieties of salt? Let us give you a brief overview of all the available salts.

Table salt

This is regular salt which is most commonly used in households. It is made from refining and finely grounding the underground salt deposits. In this process, all the trace minerals and impurities are removed. But this might form clumps, therefore an anti-caking agent is added to it to preserve it for a longer time.

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Iodized salt

Iodized salt is made by adding iodine to regular salt. This basically helps to combat Iron deficiency in people as there are only a handful of foods that have Iodine. Thus, iodized salt is good for people who are suffering from Iodine deficiency. However, heart patients should regulate their salt intake 

Dr. Tapan Ghose explains the correct amount of salt for heart in this video.

Black salt

Black salt is a Himalayan salt treated with charcoal and herbs. It is a pure salt rich in vital minerals with a bold reddish-black color. It has got a smoky earthy flavor with a pungent smell that makes it different from other salts.

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Sea salt

Sea salt is made with the evaporation of seawater. Usually, this salt is unrefined with iron, potassium, zinc, and other trace minerals in presence. Due to these minerals, the flavor of sea salt is complex.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is extracted from underground salt mines which are slightly similar to table salt. However, only the process is the same, the taste is totally different. Its extraction takes place with the mining process where is it further crushed and grounded to be used in food. It offers numerous health benefits as it has a lot of minerals that are good for the human body. This has a very different flavor and is recommended to detoxify the body.

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Himalayan Pink salt

As the name suggests, this salt is extracted from salt mines located in the Himalayan region. This is the purest salt you’d find on the planet. It is rich in minerals which makes it good for consumption as well as alternative therapies. Surprizingly, it has as much as 84 minerals! It naturally gets a pink color which is unique and appealing. 

Kosher salt

Kosher salt is a kind of rock salt but its coarse texture and complex flavor are similar to sea salt. This gets easily dissolved in the food which makes it perfect for cooking, however, it is not easily available in the market. It is widely used in meat dishes to give a burst of flavor to the food.

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