Surprizing Health benefits of Guggul That Makes It A Powerful Ayurvedic Ingredient

Guggul is a known name in every Indian household but not many people are aware of its incredible health benefits. Read them all here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 01, 2019
Surprizing Health benefits of Guggul That Makes It A Powerful Ayurvedic Ingredient

Guggul is a small tree native to Western India whose byproducts are widely used in Ayurvedic medicines to cater to different health issues. Its gum is used in the treatment of peptic ulcers and arthritis. Not just that, this raisin is found to be useful in fighting cancer, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, acne, thyroid, to name but a few. You can check all the health advantages of guggul or guggal in this article.

Health Benefits of Guggul

Cancer Prevention

Guggul inhibits cancer cells which hampers the growth of cells while decreasing the production of new blood vessels. It is found to be helpful in treating most types of cancers including breast, lung, neck, leukemia and prostate cancer. This reduces inflammation in the body by reducing reactive oxygen bodies.

Kidney and Brain health

A research was done on mice where guggul was found to prevent kidney damage by restraining prostaglandins and interleukins. It also restored cognitive activity while lowering the drug which is linked with memory loss. As oxidative stress decreased, antioxidant levels increased in the brain.

Cholesterol Reduction

Guggul effectively lowers the levels of bad cholesterol ( LDL, VLDL and triglycerides) by promoting the production of good cholesterol. It reduces the rate of absorption of cholesterol and fats in the intestines. It increases bile excretion that helps the body to eliminate bile acid. Also, it prevents the hardening of blood vessels.

Manages Thyroid

Guggul enhances thyroid functions by stimulating thyroid glands. It increases the activity of enzymes in the thyroid gland and boosts iodine and oxygen uptake. Consuming Guggal is specifically great for thyroid patients.

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Fat Reduction

It is found to reduce fat by breaking the fat-producing enzymes. Those who consume guggul regularly are likely to lose a significant amount of body weight.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers studied diabetic rats and found that guggal lowered glucose levels in their bodies. It prevents pancreatic cell damage along with inhibiting inflammatory signals. It is highly good for type-2 diabetes patients.

Lowers Inflammation

Guggul prevents inflammatory cytokine from NF-κB from activating and target molecules. This is found to lower inflammation linked to several inflammatory ailments.

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Treats Acne

Guggul extract is great for clear and glowing skin as it promotes collagen production in the skin. It reduces skin cell damage which is the primary cause of acne breakouts. It is particularly effective for people with oily skin. It is widely used as an ayurvedic antibiotic to address acne issues.

Rich in Antioxidant Properties

Guggul is loaded with antioxidants that inhibit oxidative stress and prevent free radical damage to inhibit tissue cell damage. As it suppresses oxidative stress, it decreases the risk of nerve damage. It also promotes a healthy heart by boosting blood supply.

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