Importance Of Lifestyle Before And After COVID-19 And Its Relation With Immunity

Not just during COVID-19, you need to improve your lifestyle post-coronavirus too. This strengthens immunity to protect your health.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 14, 2020Updated at: Sep 14, 2020
Importance Of Lifestyle Before And After COVID-19 And Its Relation With Immunity

“If lifestyle is Body then Immunity is its Soul” both are making each other complete. Without a good and disciplined lifestyle, strong immunity could not be possible. Lifestyle means how much you are sensitive towards your deeds, environment, society and how you act against them. Immunity means you have a natural self-defense system inside you which makes you less vulnerable against all kinds of pathogens including this Novel Coronavirus too.

As per Dr. Sameer Bhati, Director at Star Imaging Path Labs, our culture, environment and aspirations play a very important role to design our lifestyle. Our habits (bad or good) are part of lifestyle such as

  • Personal & Surroundings Hygiene
  • Food habits (oily food, alcohol, tobacco, junk, etc.)
  • Movement habits (walking or sitting)
  • Professional or occupational habits (sitting job, tension related to the job, pollution facing job, etc.)
  • Daily habits (how you behave while you walk, stand, etc.)

Immunity majorly depends on

  • Habits
  • Inherent/genetic make up
  • Environment
  • Emotional factor
  • Financial & other materialistic factors

So we can easily say that both (Lifestyle & Immunity) are mutually related to each other.

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What Is The Role Of Immunity in Coronavirus Spread?

Without a disciplined lifestyle, we are prone to low immunity and vulnerable to this virus.

  • If anyone smokes for a good period, the vital capacity of his/her lungs will be reduced and any mild infection of COVID-19 shall become a disaster for him/her.
  • Much oily & fatty food will increase Cholesterol levels and at the time of even mild infection supply of oxygen levels in the blood will get disturb a lot & the situation will become hazardous.
  • Cultural factors also play a very important role, like in Swedish culture people are used to indulge less in personal gathering and partying, unlike their other European fellow parts. So in that scenario, a low number of cases are seen in that country.
  • In India, people are not really used to follow rules & guidelines and do not bother to maintain social distancing and wearing a mask, placing others' life as well as their own at risk.
  • Hygiene is the biggest issue, not washing hands, spitting all around, throwing garbage, etc. helps to spread this virus.


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The Importance of Lifestyle Before And After COVID-19

As we now seeing a number of people getting recovered from this viral infection is increasing. But there is a misconception that from now on, they are immune to this infection. Thus, a lot of them are not following the mask and distancing norms, for them, the following are the alerts as:

  • Immunity is related to the Antibodies development, but it has been seen that some of the individuals don’t develop IgG (a long term immunity).
  • In a few countries, cases have come where individuals are once again developing coronavirus symptoms.
  • Some cases are seen outside India, where the second time infection is becoming more common and harmful.
  • People are not wearing masks and becoming carriers for the virus with the potential to infect other persons.

A good lifestyle boosts your immunity and encourages others to enhance their immunity. Thus, adopt a healthy lifestyle to strengthen your defense system and stay safe from all kinds of viruses and infections.

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