10 Home Remedies To Relieve Migraine Attack Naturally

If you have migraine, you must read these proven ways to get rid of a headache quickly without taking medicines. Read all home remedies here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 11, 2020 22:43 IST
10 Home Remedies To Relieve Migraine Attack Naturally

Do you have migraine? If yes, then you must be relying on medicines to control it as soon as a migraine attack strikes. While medicines act instantly, don’t you think that taking too many drugs affect your system negatively? There are many side-effects of taking medications on a regular basis. While some people bear the headache, it gets so worse in some that they cannot do without popping a pill. If you are also a victim of migraine, we have some at-home remedies for you to get rid of the debilitating pain naturally. Read this article for ten effective home remedies for migraine.

A brief about migraine and its other symptoms

As per the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is not rare but it is one of the most common health problems in the world. One of the potential causes of migraine is hereditary which means that it runs in the family. If anyone in your family has migraine problem, you are highly likely to get it too. But it can also be triggered due to other reasons like stress, lifestyle, smoking, alcoholism, etc. Apart from debilitating headache, here are some other symptoms that many people experience during a migraine attack:

migraine attack

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Vision changes
  • Numbness and tingling in hands and feet
  • Light and sound sensitivity

Triggers may occur at any time but some people get migraines daily. In such situations, you cannot have medicine daily, right? For them, here are some home remedies to lessen the headache and get rid of it naturally. Find below natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms.

Effective Remedies to Cure Migraine

Here are some proven home remedies to get rid of migraine faster. You can try them to find relief and the best part is that these are 100% safe and don’t cause any side-effects.


acupressure for migraine

There are certain pressure points on the body that can relieve any problem. Pressing those points to stimulate the nerves that provide relaxation to the affected body part. This is called acupressure. There are some acupressure points for migraine as well. Upon pressing them, you can alleviate migraine pain and ease muscle tension causing it. The point that can relieve migraine is LI-4 which is located between the joint of the base of index finger and thumb. If you apply firm pressure on this point for 5-6 minutes, your migraine would lessen. You can try this remedy every time when you get a headache. Another pressure point is PC6 which is situated about an inch up from the wrist on the arm. If you are experiencing vomiting and nausea along with headache, you must press this point to get immediate relief.

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Essential oils

Essential oils come under aromatherapy as they are proven in easing nerve tension and reducing pain. For migraine and other debilitating headaches, you can try lavender essential oil. It has calming properties that can effectively reduce headache, stress and anxiety. There are several ways to use lavender oil for migraines. You can either inhale it directly or put it in a diffuser and use it in the room. Also, you can mix 1-2 drops of it with a carrier oil and massage your forehead.

NOTE: Essential oils are concentrated and they must be diluted in carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil before topical application.

Try Cold Packs

To cal your headache, you can try an ice pack or a wet cold cloth therapy. Just put an ice bag on your forehead, shut your eyes and relax. What ice does is that it numbs the nerve that is creating pain. Keep this cold compress on your forehead for 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have an ice bag, you can tie some ice cubes in a paper towel and place it on the forehead. Both provide equal effects.

cold pack for migraine 

Yoga or stretching

Yoga has the solution to many problems and it can also tackle migraine. There are various yoga poses like the Bhramari Pranayama that can alleviate migraine pain and bring you relief. Yoga reduces muscle tension and boosts blood flow that helps in reducing the headache. Apart from yoga, you can also do stretching to get relief. Several research has proved the effectiveness of yoga in easing migraine. If you have migraine, you must enrol yourself in a special yoga program.

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Is there anything that ginger cannot help in? Well, ginger is a proven remedy for migraine. A study proved that ginger powder can alleviate a headache. Just mix some ginger powder in hot water and sip it. Alternatively, you can also prepare ginger tea and drink it as soon as migraine attacks. However, proceed only if you are not allergic to ginger. There is no harm in trying out this amazing home remedy for migraine and headache.

ginger for migraine

Stress Management tricks

One of the major triggers of migraine is stress. When someone has migraine, they must not take unnecessary stress. It may trigger migraine and it won’t be controlled easily. Stress can trigger migraine cycle. There are many stress-busting exercises that you can try. Journaling, dancing, swimming, meditation, painting, etc. are some of the best ways to release stress and prevent migraine attacks. Positivity is the key to rule out migraine attacks. Whenever you get migraine, try any of these activities to ignore the pain and relax.

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Just like acupressure, acupuncture is also a kind of therapy that can put an end to migraine and other health conditions. Acupuncture is a safe and effective way of dealing with migraines however, it may not work for one and all. Some people may get relief while some may not experience any positive effect on their headache. Find yourself a certified acupuncture specialist who can help you with acupoints for migraine. Do not trust anyone until they are specialised to carry the process. 

massage for migraine


Well, massaging is therapeutic and it can also dramatically heal your migraine. Ask someone to give you a good head, neck and shoulder massage. Massaging reduces muscle tension and boosts blood circulation. This helps in easing the pain and also releasing stress. With one exercise, you can avail multiple benefits. You can also get a massager to do it for you whenever you feel like getting a relaxing massage. This trick may not treat your migraine but it would provide relief for the time being.

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Herbal supplements

Ayurveda has the solution for nearly all health problems. There are some herbs that can aid migraine and headaches. Instead of taking allopathic medicine, take an Ayurvedic or herbal supplement to ward off the pain. You must speak with your doctor before consuming any herb as it is important to know about herbs, their concentration and other details before consumption to prevent any risks.

Dim The Lights

If you are home and a migraine strikes, immediately switch off the lights and turn off any sound equipment like a TV. Usually, people become light and sound sensitive during migraine attacks. Therefore, by exercising these tricks, you can prevent your migraine from worsening. It would be better if you could sit in a peaceful corner and ask everyone to stay away for some time. 

Migraine may attack at any time. Taking a pill always isn’t the right solution. You must also exercise some natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms instead of giving painkillers to your body. All the home remedies for migraine mentioned in this article are safe and effective. They won’t cause any side-effect either.

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