Do You Know Coffee Triggers Migraine? Here Are Other Common Migraine Triggers

Migraine is not always sudden. Most of the times, it comes when it is triggered. Find below some common foods that trigger migraine.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 30, 2020Updated at: Jul 30, 2020
Do You Know Coffee Triggers Migraine? Here Are Other Common Migraine Triggers

Migraine is a lifelong headache that can trigger at any time. The pain is extremely debilitating and you must keep away from the triggers. Most of the time, the pain arises when it gets triggered by something. Not just stress but food can also worsen your migraine condition. Yes, there are some foods that can trigger headaches which later becomes unbearable. The ‘recurrent throbbing headache’ as medical science refers to migraine is manageable if you know what provokes it. 

What Factors Cause Migraine?

Handling migraine is not easy and those who have this condition would understand better. The American Migraine Foundation has explained some possible factors that cause migraines in a person. These are:

  • Hormones: Fluctuation in hormones can provoke a migraine. This could either be due to undergoing hormone replacement therapy or using birth control pills or menopause/andropause.
  • Lifestyle Factors: Stress, depression, panic attacks, improper sleep, poor physical activities, etc. can possibly cause migraine.
  • Other Factors: Living at high altitudes, smoking, drug abuse, etc.

Foods That Trigger Migraine

If you have migraine, you should note down these foods that can potentially trigger migraine and make it worse. Also, instead of taking pain-killers, try home remedies to manage migraine pain.


One of the most common foods that are bad for migraine is coffee. While people see caffeine as relieving, the case may not be the same with migraine condition. ISipping more than three cups of coffee a day and other caffeinated drinks can provoke stress-induced migraine.


Alcohol is anyway bad for your health but people who have migraine should refrain from drinking alcohol. As per research published in the European Journal of Neurology, alcoholism is dangerous for migraine attacks. Alcohol relaxes blood vessels which makes you dizzy but this causes a sudden increase in the blood flow to the brain which triggers a migraine attack. Instead of feeling relaxed, you might end up having a chronic headache.

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Chinese foods

If you are a Chinese cuisine fan, you need to give up eating them. Why are we saying only Chinese foods is because most of them contain MSG or Mono-sodium Glutamate which is an additive and taste enhancer. It makes the food tasty but it has a wide range of disadvantages for health.

Artificial sweeteners

Sugar is generally bad for health which is why many people use artificial sweeteners. Well, this might not go down well with your migraine. Yes, consuming artificial sweeteners can provoke the monster in your head.

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Cheese contains Tyramine which is an amino acid that causes headaches. If you are prone to migraine, you must prevent consuming cheese. In case you crave, have a little bit of it to satiate your palates without triggering migraine.


Turns out, favourites are dangerous as most foods mentioned here are loved by masses. Do you know what chocolate and cheese have in common? It is Tyramine, the migraine-causing amino acid. So, next time you feel like having chocolate, have a piece of jaggery, a better option.

We believe that now you know what foods to strictly avoid in your diet to keep migraine at bay. Consult your doctor and find alternatives to these foods.

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