10 Types Of Headaches That Everyone Should Know About

There are as many as 10 types of headaches from mnigraine to chronic to sinus to menstrual. This article has all the details about them all, keep reading.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 22, 2019Updated at: Sep 22, 2019
10 Types Of Headaches That Everyone Should Know About

Headache is very common with one and all. For some people, it is just stress while for some it is a pain that refuses to go! It can get normal to terrible depending upon the type of headache it is. Some headaches last for a short time whereas sometimes it requires immediate medical help. One should have knowledge of the types of headaches to easily distinguish between them and find the proper solution.

1. Migraine

Migraine is the father of all headaches. This is one of the most painful kinds which makes it difficult for the person. It often starts due to sensitivity to sound, light and fragrance. To some people, migraine also brings vomiting and nausea along.

2. Caffeine headache

Those who are addicted to having coffee at a set time would know about this one. Whenever you miss that daily cup of coffee, you’d get a headache. This is a caffeine headache which arises due to your caffeine addiction. It generally starts around the eyes to the forehead. Other than addiction, caffeine overdose, withdrawal, allergy or sensitivity can also be the possible reasons.

3. Early Morning Headache

People who get headaches soon after waking up experience doomed mornings. It might seem normal due to incomplete sleep but if this happens frequently, it might signal towards migraine disorder, depression or brain tumor. Other reasons could be dehydration or lack of sleep.

4. Chronic Headache

If your headache is a daily thing that comes every single day, you are a victim of chronic headaches. This type of headache usually lasts for a minimum of two weeks to three months.

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5. Cluster Headache

This kind of headache comes in a cyclic pattern. The person would feel a cluster on one side of the head that comes with acutely traumatizing pain. It is likely to last up for months. Sometimes, nasal congestion, watering eye and swelling around the eyes are also accompanied.

6. Sinus Headache

Sinusitis or sinus is the inflammation of vacant spaces in our brain. Sinus headache comes with a trembling pain in the upper portion of the face. Though this can be treated with medication.

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7. Dental Headache

Any trauma caused to one of the largest nerves, the trigeminal nerves can trigger toothaches and headaches. Also, a few dental problems like jaw tightening and muscle clenching too cause headaches. 

8. Emergency Headache

If you suddenly get a sharp headache, it is an emergency headache and it demands proper medical attention. This is a condition named brain aneurysm which occurs due to rupturing a blood vessels in the brain. It might also signal towards stroke or brain tumor followed by memory loss, dizziness, etc.

9. Menstrual Headache

A lot of ladies suffer from this headache during periods. This is caused due to the shift in estrogen hormone levels.

10. Orgasm Headache

This is a strange kind of headache that people get during sex right before orgasm. As sexual excitement increases, this headache develops.

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