5 Food Items To keep Your Hormonal Balance in Check

Here are 5 superfoods you need to add to your daily diet in order to overcome hormonal imbalance and keep your hormonal levels in check.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Aug 14, 2021 09:00 IST
5 Food Items To keep Your Hormonal Balance in Check

Immense hair fall, stubborn acne and that never ending tiredness is something most of us have experienced at least once in our lives. No matter how many remedies or DIYs we try to get rid of all these problems but they still follow you like a shadow even in the dark. Little did we know that these issues are actually caused due to the imbalance of hormones in our body and hence can’t be treated with cosmetics and need some internal care. As always we have got your back and have got some superfoods that will help you to get rid of all these hormonal imbalance related problems and to keep your hormonal balance in check with our expert Nutritionist Shikha A Sharma, President, Diet and Nutrition Council, CTI. 

5 Food Items To keep Your Hormonal Balance in Check

More or less a person is what he/she consumes and the food we eat has an immense impact on the health as well as various functions performed by our body. Hormones are basically the chemicals produced by the glands present in our endocrine system which are then released into our bloodstream which help in various body functions such as growth and development of body, metabolic functions, sex drive, sleep cycles and ther such factors. Here are some foods which will help you to overcome the hormonal imbalance that you have been dealing with and keep your hormonal balance in check.

 Fruits and Nuts

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1. Nuts

Do you remember how your mom used to force you to eat those nuts every morning and how you used to throw tantrums in order to avoid that. Well she was right this time too and you should have listened to her. Eating nuts such as walnuts and almonds help in increasing the adiponectin hormone in your body which is a hormone responsible for controlling the blood sugar level which keeps your hormonal levels in check. 


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Rich in Omega-3 and anti-inflammatory properties walnuts help to balance your hormones and the urolithins present in walnuts have hormone-like properties which enable them to block the hormone receptors from the body and reduce the risk of hormone related cancers.

3. Spices

Indian spices are not only known for their wonderful flavours and strong aroma but also for the medicinal benefits they have. These spices have been used as home remedies by our ancestors for ages and have proven to be very beneficial


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Consuming spices like turmeric, black mustard seeds, hibiscus powder and  fresh oregano are some herbs and spices which can work wonders and help you to keep your hormonal balance in check if consumed empty stomach every morning for 15 days with a cup of lukewarm water and post dinner as well.

2. Green Tea

There is no better way to start your morning than a cup of warm green tea. A healthy beverage packed with antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties that helps to improve brain functioning, prevents diabetes, aids weight loss and detoxifies your body.

Green Tea

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Green tea consists of theane which helps to reduce the release of cortisol stress hormone and also helps to reduce the fasting insulin levels where its antioxidant properties help to manage the oxidative stress.

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Nutritionist Shikha A Sharma suggests that consuming green tea with a pinch of cinnamon every morning can help you to control the hormonal imbalance if consumed on a regular basis. 

4. Fruits

We have always been told to eat fresh seasonal fruits in order to stay fit and healthy. Consuming fruits like kiwi and pineapple are said to be helpful for maintaining a hormonal balance. These tropical fruits consist of bromelain enzymes which boost testosterone levels and hence should be consumed on a regular basis to overcome hormonal imbalance.


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5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin plays a very important role in balancing the hormones and is said to be beneficial for issues like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), pigmentation, excess growth of hair and other such issues caused by imbalance of hormones by promoting the production of progesterone which helps in the preparation of the next phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. 


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What should be avoided? 

By now we know about the foods which can help us to overcome the problem of hormonal imbalance but there are a few food items that elevate this problem and it is important to switch to their healthy alternatives in order to avoid this problem. 

It is advised that people who are facing it should swap wheat with ragi or jowar flour for a span of 2-3 months and not more than that. It is important to stick to the given time frame as if this practice is followed for a longer period of time then it can cause issues such as gluten allergies.

With Inputs from Nutritionist Shikha A Sharma, President, Diet and Nutrition Council, CTI. 

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