5 Natural Remedies To Reverse PCOS Symptoms

The symptoms of hormonal disorder polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be reversed using some natural remedies. Check them out.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Jun 07, 2021 07:56 IST
5 Natural Remedies To Reverse PCOS Symptoms

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common hormonal disorders found in women. Here, the tissues of a female body stop utilizing the insulin secreted by the pancreas efficiently, causing irregular ovulation, excess androgen levels, etc. This is the reason why women diagnosed with PCOS experience increased hair growth on the face and body, acne around the jawline, cheeks and chin, darkening of the skin, and sudden weight gain in the abdominal area. These symptoms can be managed by using simple home remedies. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Ritika Krit, Founder, Kamree, about some natural remedies to reverse the symptoms of PCOS.

Natural remedies to reverse PCOS symptoms

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can trigger infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The exact cause of PCOS is not known. So, here are some natural remedies that can help in reversing the symptoms of PCOS:

1. Fenugreek (Methi) leaves or seeds

fenugreek seeds

A common ingredient found in Indian dishes, Methi is well-known for its healthy nutritional profile and contains fiber and minerals such as iron and magnesium. These natural nutrients help reduce ovary volume and maintain normal insulin levels. Take 1800-2700 mg of Methi seed powder thrice a day for the first three days during your menstrual period, followed by 900 mg for the remaining two days. It can help women significantly reduce painful menstrual periods.

2. Licorice (Mulethi)

Mulethi is an ayurvedic supplement, which not only improves the overall health of an individual (both men and women) but also helps women maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. It enhances uterine and ovarian health by preventing the formation of new cysts and remission of the disease. It contains antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and is also considered effective when it comes to combating anxiety and depression. Available in powder, tablet and liquid forms, one can take it twice or thrice a day, as prescribed by an expert.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s a fermented liquid that significantly improves the hormonal level and also helps achieve PCOS weight loss. Insulin sensitivity is a leading cause of PCOS and apple cider vinegar can help improve it by maintaining and regulating blood sugar levels. It can burn excess fat in the body and cut down cholesterol. Take 2-3 tsp in lukewarm water and consume it once first thing in the morning. You can gradually increase the frequency to 2-3times daily by having it before meals.

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4. Turmeric


This natural product contains curcumin, an active component that helps improve insulin sensitivity. Also, inflammation is the root cause for several PCOS symptoms, which can range from heart diseases to irregular acnes. And curcumin, with its powerful anti-inflammatory elements, directly fights inflammation. Turmeric also improves liver health by removing environmental toxins and excess androgens and estrogen. The best way to have it is by adding a tsp of turmeric powder to warm coconut milk, stirring it well, and letting it cool down. Now drink the solution.

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5. Tulsi

Found in every Indian home, Tulsi can help control androgens and maintain balanced insulin levels in the body. Women with PCOS experience a slow ovulation process because the androgens are not utilized properly. This results in excess hair growth, leads to acne problems and even makes conceiving a difficult task. But Tulsi can heal this. You can have it either with boiled water or chew at least 10 leaves empty stomach early in the morning.

Consuming the above mentioned as prescribed can help you get rid of PCOS and maintain a healthy life. Meanwhile, you can also talk to your doctor about working on a treatment plan for PCOS. Ingredients such as tulsi and mulethi are even good for your overall health. While herbal and Ayurvedic remedies are effective therapies, but they are not ideal substitutes for the treatment of any health conditions.

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