Best And Quick Weight Loss Tips For PCOS or PCOD Patients

Weight Loss Tips: If you have PCOS or PCOS problem and you are trying to reduce weight (but you are not getting any benefit), then we are telling you

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Dec 28, 2020 19:03 IST
Best And Quick Weight Loss Tips For PCOS or PCOD Patients

Weight Loss With PCOD or PCOS: Weight loss is usually a little complicated but not impossible. But if you are suffering from PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and taking medicines for it, then weight loss becomes quite tricky and challenging. PCOD is caused by hormonal imbalance, irregular period problems or the development of small lumps in the ovaries. Despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, women find it very difficult to reduce weight in PCOD and PCOS. However, every kilogram of weight you lose can help improve insulin resistance, hormone levels, periods, etc. But the question here is how to reduce the weight? How can women with PCOS lose weight? Explains Dr Neha Khandelwal (Senior Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Delhi)

  • Women with PCOS can lose diet by regulating their and exercising correctly.
  • They should eat a low carbohydrate diet and choose foods with a low glycaemic index.
  • A fibre diet is right for weight loss too because it keeps one full.
  • A high protein diet containing foods like eggs, nuts etc. is also suitable for weight loss. 
  • Healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil are also suitable for patients with PCOS.
  • The importance of Limiting processed foods and refined sugars cannot be emphasised more for PCOS.
  • Exercising regularly is the form of cardio workouts, and weight-bearing exercises help in losing weight.

So here we are giving you the answer by telling some effective ways and tips for weight loss ( for women suffering from PCOD or PCOS problem).

  • Reduction in carbs: Women struggling with PCOD or PCOS should try to follow a low carb diet plan and cut carbs as much as possible. Low carb diet will help in burning fat by increasing the metabolic rate (will reduce insulin levels), which will help in weight loss. In a low carb diet, you can eat vegetables, omelette cooked in coconut oil for breakfast. While at lunch you can eat yoghurt with some fruits such as almonds or makhana in blueberries and nuts. Take light dinner, which may contain green leafy vegetables.


  • Protein: Try to consume an adequate protein-rich diet as it stabilises blood sugar and helps in losing weight. In a protein-rich food, you should eat eggs, milk products, nuts etc. It is also beneficial for dealing with the problem of PCOD or PCOS.

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  • Reduce the intake of sweets: To reduce weight, it is necessary to minimise the consumption of sweets and sugary food. It helps with weight loss, irregular periods and hormonal imbalances. Note: Intake of sugary food increases your blood sugar level and weight.


  • Good sleep and regular exercise: Regular exercise with the right diet plan is most important for weight loss (especially when you are suffering from PCOD or PCOS). Therefore, you should do morning walk, cardio and weight training. This will help you burn extra fat. Apart from this, get a good sleep, which is necessary to lose your weight.
  • Include high fibre in the diet: You all must know that fibre-rich foods help you to lose weight as it enables you to stay full and allows women with PCOD and PCOS to lose weight. A fibre-rich diet will help you burn fat.

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