Does You Fear Makes You Anxious? Here Are 5 Types Of Exercises To Reduce Your Anxiousness

Fear brings anxiety along with it. Do these exercises regularly to reduce fear anxiousness and keep your mind peaceful.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Sep 15, 2021 09:30 IST
Does You Fear Makes You Anxious? Here Are 5 Types Of Exercises To Reduce Your Anxiousness

We all have fear and phobia of something or the other. Any person who has a fear of certain object, happening or circumstance, feels anxious when he encounters with that thing. This can alleviate to a point where it becomes a phobia and can create permanent anxiety which can affect your mental health. Fear can be controlled by personal choice only; however anxiety that comes along with that fear can be reduced and controlled with help of some exercises. Exercises are not only meant to increase physical strength but can also help to gain mental peace and to relax your muscles. Today, we will discuss about few exercises that can help you reduce anxiety and help you gain control over your fear. 


5 Exercises to Overcome Fear Anxiousness

1. Breathing Exercises

These are basic exercises that are recommended by trainers, doctors and experts to control anxiety and stress. Fear is factor that causes anxiety because of which you may get stressed out. This can affect your physical and mental health. You may notice sweaty and dizzy feeling when you encounter your fear, at this time you need to do deep breathing and breathing exercises to control it. For doing this exercise-

  1. Sit in a quiet and comfortable space where you are away from daily problems. 
  2. Put one hand on your chest and the other one on your stomach. Your stomach should have greater movement than your chest while you are breathing.
  3. Take a slow regular breath through your nose. Now keep a sense on your hands as you breathe in. The hand on your chest needs to remain still while breathing.
  4. Breathe out of your mouth gradually
  5. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes until you begin to feel relaxed and less anxious.


2. Visualize and Dream

Even though many people believe that day dreaming is not good, it can be beneficial in the case of reducing fear. The idea of visualization and dreaming is to take your mind out of the fear circumstances and relax it by thinking about something else that you like. It is like painting a happy picture in your mind to give and impression of relaxed state of brain and body.

Whenever you begin to encounter your fear, move away from that thing, place or situation and find an ideal place to relax.  Then close your eyes and think about something that you love doing or a situation that is a happy movement of your life. This will enable positive thoughts in your brain and your anxiousness will end soon, relieving your fear. Calming sensation that you visualize can bring a positive impact and make you less vulnerable to that fear of yours after a time. 

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3. Muscle Relaxation

Whenever you encounter your fear, your muscles get tight and bring strain. This muscle stress or strain in muscles is because of fear and anxiety that comes along with it. By relieving strain from your muscles, you can reduce your anxiety and fear from the situation that will allow you to relax. To make this quick shift and relieve fear, you can do this muscle relaxing exercises-

  1. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on one point
  3. Now start your breathing and take a deep breath from nose. Take it out from your mouth.
  4. Now spread your hands and close your fists slowly. Squeeze your fist now and hold it for 3-4 seconds.
  5. When you feel tension in your hand, slowly open your fingers and exhale. 
  6. This will calm your muscles and relax your mind at the same time.


Continue this exercise for various other muscles of your body as well. You can relax your hands, legs, shoulders and feet from this exercise. 

4. Do Counting Exercises

Counting is a simple way to forget about your fear and ease anxiety among people. Many health experts recommend counting to their patients to undergo anxiety attacks or sudden fear. Counting needs to be done in a peaceful environment where you can focus on your numbers than anything else. If you have fear of something, counting helps you to deviate your mind from that object and help you recover soon. Keep counting until you feel that your anxiety is decreasing and your body is becoming relaxed. 

Stay calm and patient for the most time and avoid crowded place as it may increase your problems. Fear needs to be handles properly to avoid any mishaps and adverse conditions. 

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5. Interrupt Your Anxious Thoughts

While encountering fear, we have anxious thoughts that cripple our thinking ability and do not let us stay calm. It might be a little difficult, but you can try to stop yourself from thinking about negative things by getting involved in something else. Breaking pattern of your thoughts may help you stay away from your fear and also help build a happy environment. Sometimes fear leads to anxiousness and stress which can be harmful for your health. 


You can try these techniques or activities to break your though patterns-

  • Sing your favourite song with high pitch
  • Try to speak in a funny way or do silly things.
  • Choose a point to focus for yourself; it can be your loved one, any toy, objects, or device etc that you care about the most
  • Have a nice meal full of your favourite items.
  • Listen to music or read a book.
  • Be conscious when your shift your attention from anxiety to a task.
  • Engross yourself in the work that needs to be done. 

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