5 Ayurvedic Remedies To Cure Eye Strain

Eye strain is very common problem and is becoming more evident in recent times. Try these Ayurvedic remedies to cure this problem.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Aug 23, 2021 10:35 IST
5 Ayurvedic Remedies To Cure Eye Strain

Having strain in the eyes has become a common problem in this scenario with most of the things shifted online. People work and remain on the screen for long hours and experience eye strain from time to time. Our eyes do need proper rest and nourishment to maintain good eyesight. Taking care of your eyes can be easy if you keep ticking some common remedies that are mentioned in the Ayurveda. During this pandemic, people have been restricted to their homes and hence today we will talk about some ayurvedic remedies that can reduce and cure eye strain problem. 


What Causes Eye Strain?

Onlymyhealth consulted Ayurvedic expert Dr. Kanchan Gupta, General Physician in Ayurvedic Medicine to know about its probable causes. She told that according to her ayurvedic text ‘Sushruta’ tells that it is caused by Netra Rogas. There can be these following reasons for eye strain-

1. Ushnabhitasptasya which is called imbalance of hot and cold can be because of varying temperatures in outside and inside of homes.

2. Doorekshanat that is vision distortion due to over reliance on one kind of eye and work. It can be because of various reasons and medical conditions involved.

3. Krodha, Shoka & Bhaya- Ayurveda says that eye strain is also a result of constant fear, anger and grief. This is simply because of exertion of eyes in times of emotional strain.

4. Vega vinigraha- This is a leading cause of eye strain in many people. It is the suppression of natural urges of your body.

5. Viruddha Ahara basically means uneasy food, this relates to more spicy, sour or salty taste in the food. This can also be a reason for eye strain.

6. Ratri Jagarti means having insomnia or delayed sleep which causes severe strain on the eyes. 


5 Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Eye Strain

1. Hair Oil Regularly

According to our ayurvedic expert, hair oiling is very important factor in keeping your eye health in place. It keeps your head calm and allows natural removal of excess ushna. Applying oil on hairs reduces stress that aggravates pitta dosha. It can be even better if you apply panchtantra oil of Ayurveda. Oiling your hairs regularly and keeping them together can reduce eye strain problem significantly.


2. Body temperature control

During this pandemic and as the lockdown opens, people have started moving out of their homes. In the heat people mostly work in cool environment and hence when they move out they encounter with strong heat that affects their eyes. This happens because the office or home temperature is usually cooler than outside and sudden outbreak to heat causes eye strain. To reduce this problem one must cover his head, have some nourishing drinks and avoid direct sunlight.

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3. Sookshma for vision

This is a very important factor which Ayurveda puts generous emphasis on. Sookshma which means near vision is mostly what we mostly do in times of work. But Ayurveda says eye strain can be because of constant near vision. For eyes to remain healthy one should maintain almost equal balance of near and far eye vision. This can happen when you look at natural environment, trees, or gaze outside. Try to reduce your night vigilance, having to put strain on your eyes while moving or seeing in the dark surrounding. This can significantly reduce eye sight problems in your body.'


4. Do not suppress your natural urges

Suppressing your natural instincts and demands of your body can also increase eye strain and other health issues. This is especially in the case when you try to hold your urge to yawn, sleep, blink or use the washroom. If you make it a habit of neglecting your body demands, then it can get difficult for you to maintain your overall health. Neglecting urge to use washroom tampers with “apana vayu”. This is a sub-set of vata dosha. Suppressing your urges can increase your disorders related to urinary and reproductive tract. 

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5. Reduce Screen Glare

In this pandemic situation and everything going online, people have increased their screen time. The brightness of the screen puts pressure on your eyes a lot. This is a major reason for eye strain in today’s scenario. Ayurveda says that unnecessary and extreme use of screen of phones, laptops or TV screens can result in eye strain. Try to reset your brightness of the screen, increase blinking of eyes and get enough light in your room to reduce the problem of eye strain. You can also use anti-glare glasses Night-vision pale light in your screens to reduce screen glare.

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