Does High Intensity Interval Training Affect Your Heart? Know It’s Benefits And Risks

There are some benefits and risks of high intensity interval training, read to know its effect on heart.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 26, 2021 17:20 IST
Does High Intensity Interval Training Affect Your Heart? Know It’s Benefits And Risks

High intensity interval training is beneficial because of many factors. It focuses on your cardio and makes all the body functions work at a high pace. High intensity interval training needs longevity, strength and stamina in the body. It is also true that you should not do this type of training workout without proper warm-up. Doing such high intensity training may affect your heart and lead you to problems. Today we will discuss about effect of high intensity interval training on your heart, benefits of this workout and the risk factors involved.

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

It is important to understand that high intensity interval training is a form of extensive workout which requires a different level of physical strength. High intensity training is also known as HIIT, which consists of different exercises with minimal break in between. This requires a lot of cardio strength and muscle agility to perform otherwise the person may break through. 


It improves your memory skills and is very efficient in circulation of blood in the body. Since it makes majority of body functions work at a fast pace, it requires muscle coordination and energy to keep the flow going. HIIT also reduces the risk of dementia and elevates a number of issues from the body.

Does HIIT affect your Heart?

It is difficult to state if High intensity training affects your heart in negative fashion, because it is very beneficial for younger adults. The truth is that HIIT can only affect your heart if the person does it regularly and puts more pressure on the body than it can usually take. Everyone has a different intensity of doing a workout. If you are concerned about your heart rate, then it won’t likely be a factor of worry in normal circumstances.

HIIT needs to be done at alternative days to prevent exertion on their heart. It reduces the chances of having fatigue and gives body proper rest. If the person does this activity at regularly intervals, then it might affect their heart functioning and cause palpitations. This training method should particularly be avoided by people having lung problems, breathing issues or some kind of disorders involving heart. Hence with proper precautions, there are almost no chances that this may affect your heart.

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Benefits of Doing High Intensity Interval Training

1. Regulates Blood Sugar levels

Doing such intensive exercises can have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels. People who tend to have more sugar intake or have a history with diabetes should definitely try high intensity interval training. It is not possible for a person to regulate blood sugar levels without doing anything about it. HIIT can be a helpful tool especially for young generation.

2. Controls blood pressure

It does help in controlling the blood pressure in the body. HIIT is an interval training that involves intensive workout keeps the blood flow at pace and does not let it stop at any point. Blood pressure is an important aspect of person’s health, hence doing this training can help you.

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3. Increases metabolic activity in the body

High intensity interval training actually improves your metabolism and digestive health. This is because doing HIIT workout requires the body to produce high levels of energy which is only possible in the form of fats. Hence the fats present in the body are readily consumed and are effective against metabolic syndrome. It increases your metabolism and activity rate in the body.


Risks of High Intensity Interval Training

There are also some risks associated with high level intensity training. There risk include-

1. Risk of Injuries if done regularly

There is a high risk of injury if you try to do high intensity interval training regularly. This is because during this workout, there is a lot of pressure on your body and hence it becomes really hard for the person to recover. Muscle recovery is important during any high intensity exercise, hence doing on a daily basis can lead you to injuries and risk of fractures, etc. 

2. Lower blood pressure supply

Even though HIIT helps to maintain the blood pressure in the body and keeps it low. It can sometimes make the blood pressure go too low because the cells need energy which is provided by blood in the body. Since during a particular activity, one body part needs more oxygen, it may cause scarcity in the other portion of the body causing disbalanced. It may then cause low blood pressure in some parts.

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3. Cause breathing issues and risk of cardiovascular problems in adult

The other most important demerit of high intensity interval training is that it can cause breathing difficulties in people those who are not used to heavy workout. Mostly people of ages 35 and above face issues with cardiovascular problems because they tend to exert more pressure on their body. Hence this leads them to cardiovascular problems and irregular heartbeat which might be dangerous.

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