Helpful or Hype: Can Blue Light Glasses Prevent Digital Eye Strain? Know From Ophthalmologist

Do you wear blue light glasses to prevent eyes from the harmful blue light of screens? Know how to prevent digital eye strain by ophthalmologist.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 24, 2020 17:13 IST
Helpful or Hype: Can Blue Light Glasses Prevent Digital Eye Strain? Know From Ophthalmologist

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First things first, do you spend many hours in front of mobile phones, laptops, TV, etc. with naked eyes? Then you might be at risk of digital eye strain. Using all the smart devices and gadgets is not bad until they are used sensibly. Increased screen time is bad for your eyes as it puts them at risk of blue light exposure and digital eye strain. Blue light that is emitted from smartphones, laptops and TV screens is damaging if you keep your eyes close to them for long hours. This can cause dry eyes, blurry vision and weak eyesight problems. Many people wear blue light glasses while using these devices to block blue light but are these helpful? Can blue light glasses prevent digital eye strain? Onlymyhealth reached out to Dr. Mahipal Singh Sachdev, Director, Centre For Sight to find if blue light glasses are helpful or hype.

What is blue light?

Let’s begin with what is blue light. The light spectrum has seven colours(VIBGYOR) and blue is one of them. These blue light waves are emitted from any and every source of visible light from the sun to a bulb to a phone screen. Those who think blue light only comes from screens do not know that sunlight also has blue light and we are exposed to it since birth! However, the sun is the natural source and our bodies have adapted to it over time. The threat is with artificial sources such as laptop screens, mobile phone screens, TV, e-books, etc.

If a person is exposed to blue light for long periods of time during the night can have some intense serious side effects, Headaches, loss of sleep, weak eyesight, pink eyes or conjunctivitis chronic pain in areas like neck and back and weight gain are some health issues which a person feels generally in their daily life.

People who stay up late working on laptops often complain of sleep deprivation or insomnia. This is not because of overworking but because of the exposure to blue light that is blocking their sleep. Our sleep cycles have evolved over time. If you look back at our ancestors' daily routine, they used to wake with the first ray of sun and go to sleep as the sun sets. This is because our body clock was regulated by the sun. This is because when lights go dim, our body produces melatonin, the sleep hormone which is responsible to make us fall asleep. The use of screens and gadgets before bed affects melatonin production and therefore, we find trouble sleeping.

Does Blue Light Glass Prevent Digital Eye Strain?

As told by Dr. Sachdev, “blue-light glasses have special filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light emitted from digital screens and are mainly used while working in front of a computer, laptop, I pad, Mobile phone, etc. and keep us away from digital eye screens, irritated eyes and watery eyes.”

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Blue light glasses are mainly helpful for those who spend more time on screens (More than 8 hours in a day) because it controls the blue light emitted from the screens. High energy blue light scatters more easily than other visible light and contributes to digital eye strain. By using blue light glasses we can improve sleep, increase the clarity of vision and extend the hours to use devices.

It is better to reduce your screen time which helps you in avoiding blue light glasses.

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Ophthalmologist-Approved Tips to Make Your Eyes Healthy 

Eat Healthy and Nutritious Diet:-Having a balanced diet is good for your overall health as well. Consuming the required nutrients (Daily nutrition value DNV) through food is always best and includes eye-healthy foods as well.

Take a break from work:-Take a break from looking at a screen every 15-20 minutes and close your eyes for a few seconds. Do eye yoga. Go for a short walk every 2 hours, massaging the muscles around your eyes, Washing your eyes also helps, at the same time do not rub your eyes with your hands if your eyes are dry, blink more.

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Work Under good light:-Avoid working under in dim or fluorescent light or a dark room it’s not as bright or optimal as your office environment. While working and reading in low light won’t cause a decline in vision, it can lead to eye strain

Spend Time with your family:-Spending time together will help you feel good in the terms of a healthy and active mind and keep you distracted away from phones and laptops which causes headaches and loss of appetite.

Lastly, ask your eye doctor or optician which type of vision correction and lens features the best suit your needs for viewing your computer and other digital devices and protecting your eyes from blue light.

Blue light glasses are helpful if you stay in front of the screens for many hours. They can block the blue light to prevent eye damage and get a good sleep.

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