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Why You Must Take Out Time For Yourself Once In A While

Some alone time is very important for a person for mental, psychological and spiritual growth. Read more benefits here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 30, 2022Updated at: Apr 30, 2022
Why You Must Take Out Time For Yourself Once In A While

We often get scared of being alone and keep seeking company outside to make us feel happy. However, Wayne Dyer once said that we cannot have paradise in our hearts if we seek paradise outside ourselves. Spending some time alone is very different from being "lonely." If you are spending some time with yourself, that does not mean that you don't have people around you or nobody loves you. Instead, it shows that you might or might not have people around you, but you enjoy your company. Scroll down as Dr. Priya Kaul, Life Coach, and Spiritual Healer explains benefits of spending some alone time with yourself.

A survey conducted on the national level also shows that about 20% of participants felt lonely during the pandemic because they did not have their loved ones around. So, if they knew the benefits of alone time, they would have taken it in a better way. To understand how spending time with yourself helps you, let us know the benefits of alone time.

It makes you independent and self-reliant

Humans are social animals, and we live on connections and emotions. But what if we do not have anyone around us? What if people around us are busy? What if we have to travel abroad where no one knows us? When we spend some time with ourselves every day, we start liking our company and feel fulfilled. It is very important to be independent so that we don't have to rely on someone to accompany us to places.

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It improves your social relationships

Having some me-time is essential to reflect on oneself. When you sit alone, you talk to yourself and understand things from different perspectives. That is how your relationship with others also starts improving differently. Talking with oneself helps in opening up by keeping aside the shyness. If you are an introvert, you must spend some time with yourself to be able to socialize and bond with people. On the other hand, if you are an extrovert, spending some alone time will help you understand yourself better. 

It gives space to explore creativity

Being surrounded by many people is good for you; however, you cannot be very productive if people always surround you. Let's take an example of all the prominent artists, poets, and filmmakers who have delivered the masterpieces in the world. They might have people around them; however, they also liked to spend some time with themselves to explore the art within. So, spending time with yourself will also help your creative instincts come to life.

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It helps you understand things better

More than anything, time with yourself helps you understand yourself better. When we spend too much time with people, we start seeing the world or even ourselves from their perspective. To break that influence, we must sit alone and communicate with ourselves to know what we want and what we are doing. In order to have an identity that is not influenced by any other person, it is very important that you spend some time only with yourself. This builds your relationship with yourself which is equally essential as building other relationships.

It helps you regulate emotions and react in a better way

Apart from a better understanding of the world and ourselves, sometimes sitting alone makes us wiser. Usually, when we spend time with people, we lose patience and stop understanding how to react to certain things. When we sit with ourselves and think of these situations and reactions, we know where we are wrong and how we can make things right.

Now that you know the many benefits of spending some alone time, plan something. You can even make your family and friends understand as why you need this and how it can help you become a better person from inside-out. 

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