Fear Of Being Alone Or Lonely? BEWARE! You Might Be Suffering From Autophobia

What is monophobia? It is the fear of loneliness! Know why is it harmful to your mental health.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Nov 10, 2020 16:03 IST
Fear Of Being Alone Or Lonely? BEWARE! You Might Be Suffering From Autophobia

Some people are introvert, and they prefer to be alone! It is seen that introverts keep themselves away from every type of social contact. But do you know that this loneliness can prove to be quite terrible? We all have the freedom to communicate and maintain social interaction. Therefore, it is essential to have some friends beside you, or you can spend some time with your family too. An average person cannot live without any social contact. We all need somebody to talk, to hold and share the experiences of our life with! Have you ever imagined your life alone? i.e. without friends, family, partners or colleagues? We guess, NO! Thinking about being alone can be very difficult for a person. Such a feeling can make you quite nervous. But have you ever heard the phobia (or fear) of being alone or lonely? It is defined as monophobia or autophobia. Let us know how does it affect our mental health.

What are the possible reasons behind autophobia?

Many genetic, biological and psychosocial factors can cause a phobia. There can be many reasons for living alone, such as social environment, bad relationships etc. Lack of confidence about the social support system, psychological resilience and social world becomes a massive reason behind this autophobia. Do you know that loneliness, along with a person's social identity, becomes an essential factor in personality development?

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How one can fight this monophobia?


Take the first step by yourself and try to talk to someone. It can overcome your loneliness. Do you know that being alone or lonely can increase the likelihood of depression or suicide? Also, the person who has monophobia often lacks confidence and courage. It would be best if you avoid loneliness so that you do not have to face such phobias. If you are unable to cope with loneliness, then seek the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist for the right guidance.

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When to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Being lonely can result in severe anxiety. People with this condition feel alone, even in their home (or pleasant places). What people with monophobia sense? They think that they need other people or another person around to feel safe.


  • Fear of being alone or lonely (autophobia) should not be ignored as ignorance can prove quite harmful to your mental health.
  • Remove the stigma of mental health and adopt measures to relieve anxiety.

Loneliness: Common in today's era

It is essential to feel/know how you behave when you are alone or with your loved ones. People often commonly experience loneliness. Autophobia or monophobia can occur at any age and also throughout the life span. Despite having many people in our lives, we start feeling lonely and the time comes, when we find ourselves alone and longing for someone. The loneliness of our lives has increased in the corona era due to digitization. There are many friends here, but lack of support is more. Instead of having many friends on social media, one should be with the family (at home), enjoying meals at your dining table.

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