Atychiphobia or Fear of Failure: These Signs Would Tell If You Have Atychiphobia

Atychiphobia or fear of failure is not good for mental health. It can cause psychological, behavioral and personality problems in the person.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 07, 2020 10:01 IST
Atychiphobia or Fear of Failure: These Signs Would Tell If You Have Atychiphobia

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Success and failure are two sides of a coin. As our grandparents say, nobody gets success without tasting failure. Everyone experiences failure at some point in their life. While some people take lessons from it, some lose hope and give up. But in between, there is another set of people who fear failure. The term given to the fear of failure is Atychiphobia. Those who cannot face failure and have the fear to fail are atychiphobic. This phobia is difficult to distinguish as the signs are subtle and almost every person goes through it. We will talk about the visible signs and symptoms of atychiphobia and possible treatment options in this article. Read if you think you are or you know someone who has fear of failure.

If you constantly feel the fear of failure and think a hundred times before doing anything you might fail in, you may have Atychiphobia. This is not good for your growth and development as you won’t be able to take risks and this would affect your ability and capability.

Atychiphobia Signs and Symptoms

Here are some signs of Atychiphobia.

  • You fear to do something new that involves risk.
  • You often feel like nothing is in your control or you’re losing control over everything.
  • You constantly worry about people’s opinions or what they think.
  • You like to escape from situations that trigger fear in you. Instead of facing them, you try to run away from them.
  • Instead of looking at the success rate, you count the chances of failure.
  • Out of fear, you are losing interest in ventures that used to excite you earlier.
  • You have a fear of disappointment. You think if you fail, you’d disappoint people who are in your support.
  • You doubt your ability to succeed.
  • You often get headaches and body aches when the time of submission or completion is near.
  • The situation is always do-or-die for you.

You may also suffer from physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, shaking sensations, sweating profusely, digestive distress, dizziness chest pain, etc.

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How can Atychiphobia be treated?

There is no set treatment method for a phobia like this one. It varies with individuals, their degree of phobia and their willingness to overcome it. However, the one generic solution to get over any fear or phobia is changing the lifestyle. It can bring surprising results. Most of the times, improving the quality of life is the only solution you need. 

The other treatment options for Atychiphobia are:


Since this is a psychological disorder, psychotherapy is the best aid. Consult a mental health professional to see if you really need one. This therapy includes cognitive behavioral therapy which helps in overcoming the fear by exposing you to such conditions.

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If you have a serious condition of Atychiphobia, the doctor may prescribe you medicines to take when you get a fear attack. However, this is a short-term solution as medicines would only control the anxiety to some extent only.

Lifestyle changes

This is not a treatment but it is most useful out of all. Some lifestyle changes can help you deal with the fear and anxiety that follows. Slowly, you’d combat this fear and live a no-fear life.

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