World Obesity Day 2022: Follow These 6 Types Of Treatments To Control Your Obesity Right Away

Obesity is a root cause of many major health problems. Take up these treatment options to get rid of your obesity effectively.

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Obesity is a very common problem and is rising rapidly among people because of their sedentary lifestyle. It becomes crucial to know about the treatment options that are available to overcome this problem. Initially it can be regulated with dietary changes and changes in the lifestyle, but once it goes out of hands, then you need to take surgical options and more severe treatments. On the ocassion of World Obesity Day, we plan to know about types of treatment options that a person can choose to regulate his obesity and tips to control it. All the treatment options have been verified by our expert Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician in Sahara Hospital, Lucknow. He mentions about things to take care off while going though this treatments for obesity.

6 Types of Treatments for Obesity

1. Dietary Treatment

One of the leading causes of obesity is unhealthy or imbalanced diet. People have started eating more fast food and are also inclined towards eating more fried food which is not good for your health. Having more of fast food increases carbohydrates and fats to a level that they start accumulating on the walls of intestines. This causes many health problems and leads to weight gain over time. 

Dietary changes can help to control obesity and make you fit gradually. You need to eat reduce the intake of refined food items, excessive sugars, concentrated additives and high fructose foods to bring down your calories and additional weight. You need to switch to high fibre food products that can help you to lose weight. This contains more fruits and vegetables that have lesser calories and are more filling. 

High fibre and whole grains can reduce the risk of health conditions that take place because of obesity and metabolic syndrome. It also regulates the blood sugar levels, blood pressure and problems like type-2 diabetes. However do not crash diet or stop eating immediately, it can affect your health and body functions adversely.

2. Weight Loss Medications

A simple type of weight loss treatment or to overcome obesity is through weight loss medications. This is prescribed by doctor when the weight does not come under control by regular measures or exercise. Medications for obesity are given in two conditions-

  • Exercise or dietary changes have not worked on the person
  • Excessive weight can result to such a risk that medications become important

Medication for obesity includes orlastat which is given along some dietary changes to increase effectiveness of the medication. It can have some side-effects as well such as having gas, fatty stool or problem in bowel movements. Do not take excessive amount of these medications at any cost without proper consultation. 

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3. Surgery

Weight loss surgery also known as bariatric surgery is done to remove excess weight or obesity from a person’s body. This is only recommended to people who have high risk of getting into a serious health problem because of their obesity. In this procedure, the surgery is done for removing a particular part of stomach or small intestine where there has been excessive accumulation of fat. This type of surgery is performed to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, heart stroke and metabolic syndrome, etc. 

There are different types of surgical method to remove different portions of the fat in the body.

Gastric Sleeve- this process means making stomach smaller by removing a portion of the stomach. This could significantly reduce the amount to food intake in the body and the person needs to make sure he does not have more than one cup of food in one meal.

Gastric Bypass- This surgery procedure is quite effective and is used more often in these types of problems. Gastric bypass involves cutting down the mid section of the small intestine. This reduces the stomach which automatically reduces the portion of diet as well. However in this process, there is a high risk of vitamin deficiencies to occur as body is no longer able to absorb many nutrients. 

4. Hormonal Therapy

This therapy is often used in many kinds of treatments to regulate different body functions and hormonal changes. Hormonal therapy is given to people who gain obesity because of hormonal changes in their body. It is also done after bariatric surgery because that surgery impacts the hormone levels in the body. This therapy treatment calms down the hormones and makes them equal. Combining certain hormones may also be an effective method to overcome obesity.

5. Browning of White Fat Cells

Humans have two types of fat cells present in their body. These fat cells are responsible for different functions and are used in different ways. 

  1. Brown fat cells helps to burn calories and produce heat in the body
  2. White fat cells are responsible to store the calories

White fat cells are actually not so productive because they just store fat in different portions of the body. This is beneficial until the time the body consumes it. But excessive fat that gets stores in these white-fat cells are called ‘beiging’ fat cells. There are some studies going on to convert white fat cells into brown fat cells which can aid in bringing down the stored fats in the body. 

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6. Physical Exercise Treatment

This basically involves exercises and routines that could help you to burn down excessive calories from your body. More active a person is, the more are the chances of burning excessive calories from his body. A person who is obese needs to take lesser calories than an average person requires so that the body uses fats accumulated in the body to produce energy.

Physical exercise treatment involves few activities that need to be performed on a daily basis. This includes-

  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Use stairs instead of lifts and elevators
  • Walk your way to short distances
  • Do household chores regularly 
  • Indulge in some physical training routine or activities that help you to reduce weight

All this could significantly have a positive impact on your body and reduce your obesity over a period of time. By doing this you can also decrease the risk of health problems and diseases associated with obesity.

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