From Reduced Stress To Better Digestion, Know About The 5 Benefits Of Epsom Salt

Learn about the benefits of epsom salt and ways to use it to cure digestive issues and relieve stress.   

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jan 15,2022
Updated at: Jan 15,2022

A centuries old wellness product that is an integrative medicine used in the treatment of several conditions, epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral salt that is a compound of magnesium sulphate. This is very different from the common table salt used for cooking purposes and is bitter in taste. An ingredient which is a part of several home remedies, epsom salt is known for its healing power and is said to provide relief from conditions such as muscle soreness, stress, indigestion, depression, swelling, etc. The core mineral when dissolved in water tends to release sulphate and magnesium ions. These minerals are essential for the functioning of various body systems. Let us take a step ahead and learn more about the benefits of using epsom salt along with ways to use this miracle ingredient. 

Benefits of Epsom Salt

From reducing inflammation to improving the bowel movement, let us take a quick look at the benefits of epsom salt.

#1. Provides pain relief

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Use of epsom salt is a remedy that is known to provide relief from pain and reduce swelling. People with inadequate amounts of magnesium in their body are more likely to experience muscle cramps, pain and inflammation. Use of epsom salt helps to relieve pain, relax muscles and reduce inflammation caused due to arthritis and joint pain. It works by getting soaked into the skin which helps the body to absorb magnesium. This absorbed magnesium helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation.

Here’s how you can use epsom salt to get relief from muscle cramps and joint pain-

  • Fill a tub with hot water and add about a cup full of epsom salt to it
  • Soak the inflamed area or your entire body into the epsom salt bath for about 15 to 20  minutes.
  • Step out of the tub and pat dry using a soft towel.

#2. Stress Reliever

Described as a feeling of emotional and physical tension, stress is one of the most prominent problems of the present day world. Dealing with daily life problems. Work stress, personal life issues and the covid scare can take a toll on your mental health. Stress tends to increase the cortisol levels in the body. Where magnesium is a mineral nutrient that modulates the body’s stress response system, inadequate levels of this nutrient can lead to increasing stress. As epsom salt is rich in magnesium content, its use helps to lower the cortisol levels in the body and provide relief from stress. Here’s how you can use epsom salt as a stress reliever-

  • In a container take 2 cups of epsom salt and add a few drops of essential oil to it.
  • Now add ½ teaspoon of glycerine and food coloring to it.
  • Combine everything well and lock it in an airtight container
  • Use this mixture as bath crystals for stress relieving showers. 

#3. Treats Constipation

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Reduced frequency of the bowel movement leading to difficulty in passing stool is termed as constipation. This condition makes your bowel movement painful and is commonly observed in people at an old age. This condition can also be caused due to a low fiber diet, sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, consumption of excessive dairy products and stress. With its laxative-like properties, epsom salt is an ingredient that helps in improving bowel movement and provides relief from constipation. It also helps to clear out the toxins in the body

  • Take a glass of water and add 2 teaspoons of epsom salt to it.
  • Consume the mixture immediately after mixing to improve the bowel movement.
  • Before consuming epsom salt for treating constipation, one must consult the doctor.

#4. Soothes Skin

From acne to blackheads and dull skin, epsom salt is a remedy to solve all your skin problems. Epsom salt is known to reduce inflammation and is an excellent exfoliator. Using epsom salt can help a person to get rid of dust, dirt and debris along with blackheads that prevent the occurrence of acne and blemishes. Here’s how you can use epsom salt to prevent acne and soothe skin-

  • Take a tablespoon of epsom salt into a bowl and add a bit of almond oil to it.
  • Mix the two ingredients well to prepare a loose mixture. 
  • Apply this mixture all over your face and gently massage it in a circular motion.
  • After a few minutes rinse it off with water and pat dry with a soft towel

#5. Promotes Sleep

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If you are someone who is dealing with insomnia or is facing difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep then epsom salt might help you to get back your sweet dreams. Inadequate or low levels of magnesium in the body affects your sleep and increases the levels of stress. Use of magnesium rich epsom salt helps in reversing this issue by increasing melatonin levels in the body. Melatonin is known as the sleep inducing hormone that helps you to relax and enhance sleep quality. Here’s how you can use the magnesium rich epsom salt to get a relaxed and sound sleep-

  • Fill a tum with warm water and add half a cup of epsom salt to it.
  • Mix it well till the salt completely dissolves.
  • Soak your feet into this mixture for about 15 minutes before your bedtime and dry them with a soft towel.


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