Take These Tips To Get Better Sleep

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 30, 2020

A good night's sleep is paramount for the health of your brain and body. However as COVID19 pandemic continued to spread so anxiety and worrying along with it getting a healthy amount of quality sleep probably is a not as easy as it uses to be and getting good sleep is more important now than ever, in other words, your quality of sleep places a direct role in your body’s ability to keep you safe from the novel coronavirus. Here a few helpful tips to help you to get a good night rest even during the stressful and uncertain time.

1. Maintain a regular routine – Many people have had their daily lives totally appended as a direct result of this pandemic, some have been laid off, some are adjusting to work from home, there is actually a time when we need to remember and be mindful of how we are living our lives in very different ways, so we need to keep our lives as close to our routine as possible.

2. Don’t Nap Excessively – if you find yourself in a self-quarantine or work from home situation due to the pandemic, the bedroom or couch may end up calling a too frequently, Adding to the importance of establishing a routine for yourself make sure you are not napping excessively as this can disturb your sleeping routine.

3. Get some exercise – Gyms are probably closed but exercise should still be a part of your daily life . Exercise is important for sleep as we will feel more tired and exerted and we will feel more accomplished that day and there will be a sense of achievement for bed.

Don’t exercise within a few hours od bedtime as it harder to get sleep

4. Structure your news intake – News of this harsh situation can disturb anyone so schedule and structure the time when you check your phone for news update.

5. Limit Blue Light Exposure near bed time – Staring a screen all day is not helpful when you are trying to fall asleep instead prefer reading a book or listening to music as a means of entertainment before bed.

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