Wrestling as your Fitness Mantra

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Jul 24, 2012

Wrestling as your Fitness Mantra

The official torch bearer for India in the London Summer Olympics 2012 is Sushil Kumar, the man who won gold medal at the 2010 FILA World Wrestling Championship. Quiet and reserved in his own way Sushil Kumar will burn a million hopes as he marches on in London Olympics with the prestigious torch.

Wrestling is a combat sport, a physical competition between two. The sport needs dedication, discipline and above all an immense amount of patience and suffering.
So, is it for you? Does Sushil Kumar’s black eye ever incite a spark in your heart? Let’s find out:

Being Fit
- Wrestling makes one fit and strong, it is a full body workout. The amount of physical training that one goes through is immense and the training is usually a top to down thing. A wrestler bursts out into paroxysms of energy every now and then and hence stamina is built this way. There is a constant demand for energy and action in wrestling and that plays a big role in keeping one fit and strong.


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Strength – Wrestling demands al lot of strength. It is simple; wrestling is just your strength against your opponent’s, just sheer strength. In other sports, your body is not pushed to the extreme, your body is not as much challenged as when you wrestle. Hence, this is a good way of building muscle strength.

A Fat Burning Formula
– Wrestling is by far one of the most effective sports for burning excess calories. When you need to shed that fat at the earliest, wrestling is your answer. Just 15 minutes of wrestling burns a whooping 150 calories! Your body is sure to get toned with the help of this combat sport.


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Character Development – Wrestling unlike other sports is entirely your own show; there is no one to back you up except yourself. It helps in building self-discipline, competitive spirit, goal orientation, mental strength and above all confidence. Also, an obvious plus point of wrestling is that it is a great method for self defence.

So watch Sushil Kumar in the London Olympics when he is pushing himself against his opponents from around the world and when you watch the man use all his strength to bring India her gold, remember that greatness is achieved here only through suffering and pain. That is wrestling for you.


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