8 Excellent fat burning exercises

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Feb 03, 2012
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Quick Bites

  • Swimming is a minimal resistance fat burning exercise.
  • Walking briskly is an easy way to burn excess fat.
  • Sit ups burns the fat around your stomach.
  • Side bends get rid of the fats on the side of your stomach.


Finding it difficult to burn fat? It is not one of the simple tasks you undertake! Weight loss plan requires a strict diet plan along with various fat burning exercises to be effective. When you are trying to lose weight, you must know fat burning exercises that will work well to help you do so.


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Swimming is a minimal resistance and low impact fat burning exercise. Try to incorporate swimming in your daily routine for quick weight loss.


Brisk walking

Walking briskly is an easy way to burn that excess fat from your body. You can increase the intensity to burn more calories.



This exercise cuts fat off the legs and calves besides ensuring fat loss from the lower part of your abdomen.



Jogging is a whole-body workout with multiple benefits. The exercise tones your legs, thighs and calf muscles.


weight loss exercises



Biking is an excellent cardio activity that helps you lose weight. Variation in intensity can drastically alter the amount of calories burned. In general, you can burn anywhere from 200 to 400 calories per half-hour.


Sit ups

Sit ups burns the fat around your stomach, the area from which losing weight is most difficult. Five to ten sets of sit-ups everyday is a great way to tone your stomach.


Side bends

Apart from toning your body and stomach, it is also essential to focus on the side parts of the stomach, so that fat gets reduced equally from all sides. Side bend exercises help in burning the fats deposited on the side of your stomach.


Jump rope

Jumping increases your heart rate; it makes you sweat and thus makes your bones absorb calcium in a far better way. It is not recommended for those with knee problems or injuries to any part of the lower limb.

The aforementioned fat burning exercises complemented with a right meal plan can help your burn fat in no time.



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