Box your Way to Fitness

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Jul 24, 2012

Box your Way to Fitness

Ever since the Commonwealth Games of 2010 when Vijender Singh captured popular sentiments in India, Indians can’t seem to have enough of their Boxing dreams. Moreover, boxer Mary Kom was ranked the 38th most remarkable athlete in the world by SportsPro. So, how compatible are you with boxing? Can you withstand the rigorous training? Can Boxing be your sport?

Boxing as Bruno Frank, former British boxer had said is, “Just Show Business with Blood”. Hence, in this blood induced sport one has to hit hard or go home. Can boxing be your fitness mantra?

Physical fitness
- It is an extensive way of working out that could include many aspects of fitness, such as speed, balance, coordination, etc, along with an added advantage of having a well defined body, arms and legs. The constant jogging around the ring along with a conglomeration of classic boxing techniques, such as jab, bob, hook, upper cut, cross, etc is a body healing and getting fit process.


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Cardio Vascular Benefits – Boxing means a constant lung and heart pumping exercise. The heart rate increases and the lung gets a good amount of exercise. It also helps in controlling blood pressure in the long run.

Weight Loss
- One session of boxing is said to burn 500 calories thus, removing all fat deposits with time. Boxing is both aerobic and anaerobic and because it involves circuit training, shadow boxing, heavy bag, focus mitts, etc it automatically turns out to be one of the most effective way of burning calories making you lean and fit. Regular and dedicated boxing may help you achieve a so called ‘ripped’ body.


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Stress Reliever – Boxing is not about beating the day lights out of someone, but a way of releasing all the pent up anger and frustration. It allows you to let it out in a safe and methodical way. Also, boxing can be beneficial for those, who stress about the well being of their near and dear ones. Because boxing is a good self defensive technique, you know you can step in and take control of a bad situation.


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Core Strength
– Enhancing the core strength is very important for boxing and hence, there are many such exercises that one needs to induct in his or her boxing workout sessions. Hence, boxing can also help in strengthening the core muscles.

Boxing is a method to be fit, get toned, strengthen the core and develop classic self defence technique. It is a lifestyle. So, hit the gym and get into your Rocky mode. Are you ready for this bloody show business?


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