Winter Skin Care Routine: 4 Ways You Can Give Your Skin A Boost This Season

The winter season calls for a lot many skin woes. Hence, a proper routine and skincare regime can help make a difference

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jan 08, 2021
Winter Skin Care Routine: 4 Ways You Can Give Your Skin A Boost This Season

Winter is here, which means our skin needs extra attention to help manage common winter skin care problems like chapped lips, flaky and dry skin, etc. According to Dr. Sushrutha C K, Ayurveda Expert, Research & Development, The Himalaya Drug Company, “With a drop in the humidity and temperature, our skin tends to get dry, and if it is not moisturized, then it can lead to flaky skin. Following a good skin care routine, especially a nightlong moisturization routine and using products infused with natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ Oil can be beneficial in achieving nourished and hydrated skin during the winters. Additionally, for cracked lips, one can look for a lip balm with the goodness of herbs like Sweet Indrajao, and Carrot Seed Oil, as these ingredients help protect and nourish chapped lips.”


Skincare regime in winter is a must to follow for the skin becomes extremely dry and lifeless. Hence, the need is to understand what works best for the skin. Below are a few tips for good skin care:

1# Moisturize at bedtime

Moisturizers and winter skin care regimen go hand in hand. As much as moisturizing skin right after a shower is necessary, moisturizing before going to bed can help in waking up to healthy and rejuvenated skin. When looking for a moisturizer, opt for one with ingredients such as Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ Oil. Cocoa Butter is known to retain skin’s moisture and nourish it as well as making it supple, while Wheat Germ Oil, a rich source of Vitamin E, helps protect skin from drying. You can make your own moisturiser at home too. 

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2# Protect your lips

Winters and harsh cold winds can leave our lips dry and chapped and hiding them under our masks can do more harm than we know. For smooth and supple lips, it is essential to use a good lip balm. The best way to choose the right lip balm is to look for one infused with goodness of herbs and oils like Sweet Indrajao, Carrot Seed Oil, or Cocoa Butter, and Sal Butter. These ingredients are known to intensely moisturize lips to keep them soft and supple. Skin rashes are common in winters. Hence, care is a must. 


3# Remind yourself to stay hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is important during winter too. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water daily can make your skin nourished and hydrated. Also, if you have extremely dry skin, make sure that you drink enough water and apply a hydrating serum on the face before applying a heavy moisturiser. 

4# Include seasonal fruits in your diet

Veggies and fruits found during the season not only taste good but also contain ingredients that suit the body’s need during that time of the year. Additionally, consuming food rich in Omega 3, Vitamin A, C, and E can be useful in having moisturized and healthy skin. Listed below are 8 foods that are actually good for the skin: 


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Some caution to follow this season for a healthy skin:

  • Know the skincare products that you are using
  • Wait for some time to show a new product its effect on the skin. Do not keep changing your skincare creams very often 
  • Do a patch test before using any cream or serum on the face for the first time
  • Eating and applying both are essential for a healthy skin. Hence, eat well and use the best of products that you know work on the skin
  • Consult a dermatologist in case of any irritation or prolonged redness on the skin. 

With inputs from Dr Sushrutha C K, Ayurveda Expert, Research & Development, The Himalaya Drug Company

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