Who are fake people and how you can spot them?

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Feb 23, 2017
Quick Bites

  • You can differentiate between a bad and a good person.
  • A "fake nice" person is worse than a bad person.
  • We are always surrounded by "fake nice" people.

There were two kinds of people in the world, good people and bad people but now there’s a third kind and they are none other the bad people, posing as good people. Yes, there’s a new kind of race emerging, the “fake nice people”! And they are worse than the bad people.


fake nice people


When you come across a bad person, their words and actions will somehow make it apparent that they are up to no good but while dealing with a fake nice person, you will never get the slightest hint of their true intentions. They are nice to your face and the moment you leave the spot, they would not stop talking foul about you. You might not be aware of the fact that you are constantly surrounded with such people, even right now while you read this write up.


Do you wish to avoid such people? If you really do, first know their traits. Here’s a list of some of the most common traits that a fake nice person would possess.


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They are way too sweet

Yes, a fake person has a habit of being in everybody’s good books, so they will try their best to be in your good books by trying to be nice to you but sometimes they are just so sweet that it’s annoying. They never lash out at you; they never seem to get mad at you for anything you do. Remember that too much sweetness is not good for health.



Listen to other people

If you are new to a place and come across a “fake nice” person, you will get to know about him or her from your workplace people. Most people will know his or her real self. Listen to other people, do not make any perception but do observe.



They dislike a lot of people

Usually they will tell you about the people they dislike. Be all ears because the way they talk about other people, will tell a lot about their own personality. There will be a pattern. They won’t right away confess their disliking about someone; they won’t even talk bad about that particular person but they will very smartly try to make you hate or dislike that person too.


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Your gut feeling

Lastly, your gut will tell you a lot about someone. Your body emits vibes about certain places and people, you must listen to it. Your own intuition and gut will tell you lot about someone, always take it in consideration.



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