What To Do When Pepper Gets In Your Eye? Home Remedies For Immediate Relief

If you get pepper in eye, here are some quick remedies that can help you get rid of the pepper and ease painful symptoms.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Mar 29, 2022Updated at: Apr 04, 2022
What To Do When Pepper Gets In Your Eye? Home Remedies For Immediate Relief

You are not an Indian if you haven’t got chili pepper in eye. This is such a common accident that most of us must have gone through at some point, if not frequently. Those who work in kitchen a lot are regular sufferers and they get used to this after a certain point of time. Be it green chili seeds or red chili powder or pepper powder, any sort of this chili when enters the eye cause extreme discomfort, irritation, itching, redness and pain. Rinsing eyes with cold running water can provide temporary relief but sometimes it is insufficient and you need to do something extra to save your burning eyes. For people who have no idea about what to do when pepper enters your eye, we have listed down some proven effective home remedies. Scroll down to read.

Cold Water

First things first, splash some cold water to your eyes. This is an instant remedy to eliminate chili or pepper particles from the eyes. This age-old remedy does help to control the burning sensation and reducing the discomfort. Using cold water to wash your eyes also reduces redness that can be caused due to pepper. 

Home Remedies for Pepper In Eyes


The second most readily available kitchen ingredient that can resolve this problem is milk. It has a cooling and soothing properties that is extremely useful in eliminating the problem of burning in the eyes due to chilies. This is also because chilies and peppers do contain a kind of oil that milk can effectively rule out. If you have sensitive eyes, you must reach out for milk before water to minimize the damage at max.

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Desi ghee

Yes, ghee or clarified butter can also come to your rescue when you suffer irritation and burns due to chili pepper in eye. But mixing ghee with some cold water is required to put on the eyes. Yes, unlike the above two remedies that are to be put inside the affected eye, put ghee and water mixture on a cotton pad and keep it on your eye(s). 

Home Remedies for Pepper In Eyes

Hot blow

Oftentimes you see people that whenever something goes into the eyes, they blow some air to a cloth and put it on the eyes. This mainly helps ease irritation and pain but it can also help pepper in eye problem and the rest that follows. You can blow some warm air to a soft towel and keep it on the affected eye. This hot blow is an easy and effective remedy to soothe irritation and redness in eyes. Avoid using too much heat on eyes as it might aggravate the problem.

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Cold towel

There are cases when you accidentally touch your eyes with dirty hands and cause irritation. In such cases, damp a towel with icy cold water an place it on your eyes. This would relieve burning sensation and reduce swelling, redness in eyes. 

These are some easy and effective remedies for pepper in eyes that you can try to overcome the problem. Most people have found significant relief with these remedies but it is possible that it might not work in certain cases when the intensity of pepper gone in the eye is high. You must consult an eye specialist if you don’t see any improvement.

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