What To Do When You Get Something Like a Bug In Your Eye

Do you know what to do if a bug flew into eye? Read this article to know the right steps as first aid when a foreign particles gets into your eye.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Feb 23, 2021
What To Do When You Get Something Like a Bug In Your Eye

Your eyes are the most sensitive sensory organ. It is very important to take care of them for better eyesight. While you can do whatever is possible to safeguard eye health, there are certain situations where you cannot do anything. One such thing is when something gets into your eye. A small bug can accidentally get into your eye and while sometimes it doesn’t trouble much, it can get extremely painful and discomforting some times. If you have ever experienced any such incident, you must read this article. Not just a bug but if anything gets into your eye, you should know how to deal with it rightly. For major issues, consult an ophthalmologist.

A bug, a fibre from your cloth, dirt, anything can get into your eye and bring a waterfall of tears. In some cases, tears and washing your eyes with cold water can provide relief. In the worst case, the particle may stuck into your eyes and cause infection. This may even lead to vision problems. A lot of issue can crop up if you don’t take action on time. Keep reading to know how you can get respite from this.

Something in Eye First Aid

bug in eye

Here are some steps that you need to take as soon as you find that something has entered to your eye:

  • Never rub your eyes. A lot of people do this as an immediate action but this isn’t right. This can cause the problematic substance to get deeper inside and difficult to get rid of. It can also lead to corneal abrasion which is causing a scratch on the surface of eye.
  • First things first, wash your hands before touching your eye. Since your eyes are sensitive, you cannot touch them with dirty hands.
  • Never use cotton or anything with sharp edges around your eyeballs to take out the particle. This can irritate your eyes.
  • If you wear contact lenses, immediately take them out. If you keep wearing them, it increases chances of infection.

How to check your eye?

It is not easy to find what is in your eye unless it is a noticeable particle like mosquito. Tiny foreign bodies are hard to detect. Here are steps to follow:

checking eye in mirror

  • Firstly check if there is enough lighting in the room. Proper lighting would allow better visibility.
  • Open your eye wide. Either check yourself in the mirror or ask someone to check for any particle or residue in your eye.
  • Pull your eye downwards and look up. 
  • Now, pull your eye upwards and look down.
  • Try if you can see anything on the eyeball.

Read ahead to know how to get rid of the particle correctly and safely.

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Small Stuff

If there is a dirt particle or fiber or some makeup, etc. has stuck into the eye, here is what you are supposed to do to get rid of it.

If the small speck is on the upper side or eyelid, bring your eyelid down touching the lower lid. The speck might come at the lower eyelid and easier to remove.

If the small particle is stuck in the lower part, just stretch your lower eyelid and gently push the undereye skin inwards so that you can see the inner side. To eliminate that, you can simply wash your eyes with cold water and it is likely to wash away. If not, you can use a damp cotton ball or a clean cotton handkerchief to take it out carefully. Wash your eyes to get rid of all the tiny particles.

How to clean your eye

How to clean your eye?

Sometimes, only washing with cold water can eliminate the foreign particle from the eye. If you are experiencing the following issues, you must try saline or cold water eye wash:

  • If the particle is not coming out despite several attempts.
  • If there is not just one but multiple specks in your eye.
  • If any chemical has gotten into your eye. In such a case, immediately wash your eyes with cold water and keep flushing it for 10 minutes.

If the problem still persists and you can sense that something is stuck, you may need someone to help you with the steps that we are about to tell you.

  • Take a container and fill it with cold water. Dunk your eyes in the container and shut-open your eyes several times.
  • Another trick is where you just have to lie down on one side. Keep your eyes open and ask someone to pour water into your eyes from the side.
  • This can help in bringing relief within a couple of minutes after the particle is removed. 

eye infection

When to See A Doctor?

There are some situations where you must see a doctor as soon as possible. Delaying consultation and treatment might aggravate. Ophthalmologist Dr. Hemant Todkar has listed down these situations where medical attention is required:

  • If any harsh chemical has got into your eye
  • If something is stuck into your eye and causing a piercing-like feeling
  • If your eyes have turned red and puffy after the entry of foreign particle
  • If any particle has poked your eye
  • If the specks of sand, dirt and makeup are unable to come out
  • If you cannot close your eyes
  • If you are unable to see properly or blurred vision
  • If your eye is bleeding(in rare cases)
  • If your are feeling pain, itch and discomfort despite eliminating the object from the eye



When you see a doctor for your problem, he may first conduct a check-up of your eye followed. He may administer various eye drops and liquids for proper diagnosis. This includes:

  • Numbing medication to numb the sensation and so that you don’t feel anything
  • Medicine to widen your pupil for a magnifying view to locate the traces of the foreign particle(s)
  • Medicated dye to find any scratches or lines on the eyeball

After diagnosis, the doctor would provide you with the required treatment. They may also try to flush out the eye using special instruments and needles. If that doesn’t help and if the object is stuck inside the eye piercing the eyeball, you may need to get an x-ray done to locate the particle and see what it is and where it is. Also, to prevent infection, the doctor would also administer your eye with an antibiotic ointment. If your eyeball has a scratch, you may also need to wear an eye patch until it is healed.

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As eyes are extremely delicate, they can get troubled by even smallest particles. If anything gets into your eye, you must try to eliminate it as soon as possible or else it may cause serious problem. Washing the eye with cold water is the immediate step that you need to take. Following the first aid measures as given in this article will also help in removing the foreign particle. But if you are not finding any relief and the symptoms seem to worsen, consult an eye specialist without any delay. Be watchful and take maximum care of your eyes.

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