Do You Know About ‘Toxic Positivity’? This Has A Lot To Do With Your Living

Being overly positive leads to toxic positivity that is very bad for mental health. Here is how you can prevent toxic positivity.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 03, 2020 12:05 IST
Do You Know About ‘Toxic Positivity’? This Has A Lot To Do With Your Living

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Positivity is one of the attributes of a happy and content person. It helps in making life easier with the least expectations and more contentment. Until and unless you experience sadness and suffering, you won’t be able to learn the importance of little pleasures of life. Being optimistic is good but there is a fine line between positivity and toxic positivity. People who restrict themselves in the bubble of positivity often fail to live freely. There should be a balance between positive and negative. Being positive necessarily doesn’t mean that everything has to be that way. This cuts them off from reality as they are unable to accept anything negative around them. Be positive but keep yourself safe from toxic positivity.

What is the toxic form of positivity?

Positivity is what we need to fight the tough times. Currently, we are going through a pandemic that has badly impacted our physical, mental and emotional health. After months of living in confinement, we have developed a sense of negativity and it has become difficult to stay sane. Negative news flashes and increasing cases are adding fuel to it. However, many people are staying positive throughout this while but a lot of them have gotten affected by toxic positivity. In order to stay positive, they ignore anything negative. This might sound good but in reality, they are falling into the pit of toxic positivity that would cause long-term effects. In short, toxic positivity is the unhealthy form of positivity that is detrimental to the mind and body. 

what is toxic positivity

Acknowledging negative things is equally important as considering positive aspects. People who are experiencing toxic positivity often pretend to be positive and happy all the time even if they are broken down inside. When affected by this unhealthy optimism, a person often disregards their emotional needs and neglects how their mental health is being affected.

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What causes toxic positivity?

These are identified as the primary causes of toxic positivity:

  • Effects of coronavirus pandemic
  • Keeping the eyes shut from what’s happening in the world
  • Disrupting reality that is a mix of positive and negative
  • Negative news on the Internet and social media

People who find some posts motivating and empowering may not be able to visualise the dark reality behind them. This information that they consider helpful or positive is distancing them from the truth and hampering their ability to understand and judge situations.

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How to prevent toxic positivity?

prevent toxic positivity

The best thing to avert these problems is by keeping your senses open and using your brain rather than believing in anyone or anything said.

  • Think positive but don’t underestimate the negative. See both sides of the coin.
  • Keep the outlook positive but see the negatives as well to strike a balance between the two.
  • Never be excessively optimistic as this would hamper your ability of thinking and also your quality of life.

That being said, be positive but never be over-positive. Negative things sometimes are the best teachings that help for a lifetime. You learn, you grow, you develop an outlook. Toxic positivity does the exact opposite. Thus, try to prevent toxic optimism as much as you can.

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