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8 Ways To Stop Panic Attack Right Away

Panic Attack can cause serious affect on your health; here is how to deal with it effectively.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Jun 17, 2022 18:20 IST
8 Ways To Stop Panic Attack Right Away

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Have you ever got chills down your spine because of a particular situation? This condition is called having a panic attack, even though it is much more than just having chills. Panic attack is actually a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers your physical emotions. It might be hearing about someone’s demise, some traumatic situation or heartbreak. It kills you from inside and makes you numb and frightened at the same moment. When panic attack occurs, you feel like you are losing control over yourself or as if having a heart attack. To tackle such situations, we have some ways which might help you get through it. 

Ways to Stop Panic Attack

Controlling or stopping panic attacks is not an easy task, because you are not aware of the period where you may get panic attack. We spoke to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist from Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow to help us with ways to tackle panic attacks. She has suggested 8 ways to control these attacks. Some of these ways are for immediate result and some affect you on the long term. 

1. Keep Medication

If you have habit of getting panic attack or panic episodes often, then go to a therapist and get some pills that can control panic attacks at the stop. Benzodiazepines actually help to treat symptoms of panic attack whenever they occur. However you must know that medication can only help when there is no underlying anxiety disorder that occurs. Therefore it is only for a short term use during a crisis situation.


2. Use deep breathing technique

In a panic attack, you have problem of hyperventilation because of which the fear rolls over. There is kind of shortness of breathe and you try to gasp for it often. To control this, you need to take deep breaths to reduce the symptoms of panic attack. According to a study, diaphragmatic breathing can aid panic attack and lower down the symptoms of this condition. People, who practise deep breathing exercises, are less likely to get panic attack and can control their attention quite effectively.

3. Know that you got panic attack

Panic attack is good as long as you do not know you have it. Once you come to know that you are getting panic attack, and then you can take appropriate actions to control it. For this, you need to understand that this time is going to pass. Make yourself emotionally stable, control your emotions and take away the fear that something bad is going to happen with you, this can help to stop panic attack.

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4. Close your eyes

Panic attack can give you an overwhelming experience, because of this fast paced environment; it can stimulate fear within you. This can add to your panic attack, to reduce this stimuli effect, you should close your eyes as soon as you start getting panic and focus on your breathing. It can help to control panic attack.


5. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness can keep you grounded to reality and make you aware of what is happening around. Because of panic attack you forget what is around you are become very impatient. Therefore mindfulness is important to detach yourself from that fear and separation. This can help you combat with panic attack and know what is approaching. It involves the following action-

  • Focusing on the present
  • Recognizing your emotional state
  • Meditating to reduce stress

6. Use muscle relaxation technique

Muscle tension is a vital symptom of panic attack and anxiety. Muscle relaxation techniques can aid to reduce the affect of tension on the body and promote relaxation feeling. relax and improve circulationPanic attack can be treated with the help of progressive muscle relaxation that aims to help body . It helps your body to cope up and be more responsive towards the functions.

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7. Picture your Happy Place

It might be difficult to focus on a happy moment when you are going through a panic attack, but it is an effective way to stop panic attack from affecting you. For this you need to reduce your stress and relax. According to different research, if you spend more time on the nature and visualization, then it can help to manage your anxiety. Also try to imagine about good times and happy memories to control your panic attacks.

8. Engage in some light exercises

Exercise can actually help to divert the stress and anxiety and help you to focus on the body. Regular exercise helps to boost both physical and mental health that prevents you from getting panic attack. According to doctor, exercise at around 60-90% of your capacity can help to reduce panic attack and anxiety attacks. Light exercise just after panic attack can also reduce impatience and breathing problems.

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