What Is Body Recomposition? Know Tips To Gain Muscles And Lose Weight Simultaneously

Body Recomposition is the process of losing weight along with gaining muscles, know how does it work.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Mar 18, 2022Updated at: Mar 18, 2022
What Is Body Recomposition? Know Tips To Gain Muscles And Lose Weight Simultaneously

Losing weight is one of the biggest challenges for today’s generation. People have become more active and aware about their life-style and exercise but still eat unhealthy food. This makes them fat and increase the risk of health issues in the body. It is often said that you cannot lose fat and gain muscles at the same time. The general procedure is to lose fat first, and then gain muscles, but it need not be the same anymore. Body recompositing is a procedure that enables you to have a fit body and build muscles along with a healthy diet. It also makes sure that you follow a good exercise routine in order to build muscles that does not hamper your weight loss. Today, we will get to know about this procedure in more detail. 

What Does Body Recomposition Mean? 

Body composition is the ratio between amount of fat and fat-free mass in the body. This includes your muscles, bones and water. According to the type of the body, it gives better understanding for the experts to recommend a diet or exercise plan that works in favor of your weight and height. Body mass index is a calculator that is pre-dominantly used to calculate body fat percentage inn relation of the muscle mass. 


If the body mass index or BMI is more than the desired amount, then you need to recompose your body according to a lifestyle that helps you build muscles and lose weight at the same time. This is not an easy process as it involves avoiding most of your favorite food items especially junk foods. Then you need an expert to guide you through weight loss exercise regime that helps to cut fat from the body where it is accumulated.  

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Weight Loss in Body Recomposition 

Many athletes, celebrities, weightlifters and trainers use this as a technique to lose body fat. It is not a weight loss technique but it is more of a fat loss method. There are many quick weight loss methods that you must have often come across. However, most of them do not actually cut the body fat in the muscles and therefore as soon as you get out of that schedule or diet, you get your tummy back.  

In body recomposition method, it progresses slowly as you lose the weight of the excess fat present in your body than the muscle mass. This is a healthy way of shedding some kilos and weight loss. Having too many diet plans can ruin it, so stick to the balanced diet with more of vitamins, fiber and proteins for weight loss. 


How to gain Muscles with Weight Loss? 

One of the problems everyone faces initially while losing weight is that they are not able to build muscles at the same moment. Even if they do, they get stuck in the weight loss plateau. Gaining muscles along with weight loss can be done through cardiovascular exercises with a mix of weight lifting.  

So, during the muscle gaining phase you need to follow the following tips- 

  1. Strength training should be a part of your exercise for at-least 40-45 minutes. This elevates your muscle mass and helps to gain muscles effectively 
  2. With exercise comes dietary needs, so you need to differ your diet according to your weight ratio and have calories lesser than you actually need. 
  3. Toning up of muscles is important, so perform exercises that helps to bring body into ideal shape by toning exercises. These need to be done at the end of the exercise routine.  
  4. Keep the right balance between diet and exercise, if you focus more on either one of them, then the body recomposition cannot be effective. Either of two situations can occur, one is that you may become very lean and then the muscles won’t grow or you may have excess calories that does not affect weight loss.

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