Know About 5 Ways To keep Your Joints Healthy From The Expert

As our joints go through so many things, here are 5 things as suggested by Dr. Manan Vora that you can follow in order to keep your joints healthy.

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Know About 5 Ways To keep Your Joints Healthy From The Expert

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In this fast paced world where people do not have much time to look after their health, humans start to show various signs of concern. One of the most common concerns is of weak joints owing to an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Where our joints provide mobility to our body in order to move, it is essential to take proper measures for a healthy bone health. Our body consists of six different kinds of joints which are hinge, ball and socket, saddle, condyloid, pivot and gliding. A common wear and tear of joints is common due to various daily life activities. Where this wear and tear does not affect people at an early stage but can lead to various complications later on. 

One may take various measures including remedies for healthy joints, however it is a must to consult experts for the same. Listed below are 5 key points suggested by Dr. Manan Vora, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine that you can follow in order to keep your joints healthy.

Ways to maintain Joint Health

Arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis and Rheumatoid arthritis are some of the common issues related to joint health. Where most of these conditions take place due to the wear and tear of joints because of some injury or increasing age. As our joints are the ones which help us in moving our body into several different ways, it becomes important to keep them healthy and fit. Here’s what Dr. Manan Vora has to say about this- “Our joints consist of cartilages, synovium and synovial fluid which is a lubricating fluid present in the joints. This helps in providing lubrications to the joints and helps in cushioning the joints that prevents the bones from rubbing together. As a person ages, gets an injury or suffers obesity, the natural wear and tear of joints take place. A proper lubrication helps in reducing joint destruction and joint pain. This helps in making the movements more comfortable and less painful. As there is a lack of lubrication in the joints, the bones tend to rub together and hence it leads to joint pain. It is not just the pain but the destruction of joints that takes place due to the friction produced by repetitive rubbing.” 

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Without any further ado let's take a deep dive into this article and get to know about 5 lifestyle habits that can help in keeping those joints healthy. 

#1. Exercise

In these past years where most of the world has been under lockdown and the work from home culture has taken over almost every industry, people have been pushed towards a sedentary lifestyle. Where you are behind that computer screen the entire day and the only physical movement in your day is a trip to the kitchen, exercising becomes very important in order to keep the joints healthy. Engaging yourself in light exercises can help you in increasing the flexibility and strength of the joints along with combating fatigue. As you lead a sedentary lifestyle, your joints tend to become stiff which makes simple activities such as walking, running and swimming seem difficult. It is important to keep your joints moving in order to keep them healthy and mobile. Include some simple joint mobility exercise in your workout routine to enjoy better joint health and prevent pain.

#1. Adequate Hydration

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No matter how many times we repeat it but we can never ever be able to stress enough upon the importance of hydration. Water is an integral part of your life and something that all the living creatures depend upon. When it comes to humans, lack of hydration and inadequate amounts of water in the body can lead to various issues and complications. Some of the most common issues caused due to dehydration and lack of adequate amounts of water are kidney failures, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, wrinkles, digestive issues, dizziness, fatigue and even joint related issues. Adequate hydration helps in keeping the joints lubricated which promotes mobility and prevents the wear and tear of joints along with that unbearable pain. 

#3. Consume Healthy Fats

Are fats really the villains that we have made them to be? Have you ever even heard about the term healthy fats? Well if you are someone who thinks that fats are bad for health and the only thing they do is make you gain weight then this one can be an eye opener for you. Fats are actually essential for proper body functioning and benefits your health in several ways.

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When it comes to joint and joint health fats have a very important role to play. Healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids help to protect the body from inflammation. Consumption of these healthy fats are said to be essential for mediating the inflammation and maintaining a good joint health. Some researchers have proven that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids helps in mediating the activity of inflammatory factors which can lead to issues like arthritis.

#4. Adequate Sleep

Well it is not just your skin that requires a beauty sleep but it is something that impacts joint health as well. While we sleep. our body tends to repair and replenish itself. This repairing and healing process is not just limited to the skin and internal organs but joints as well. Lack of sleep is known to worsen the symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain. Not just increased pain but inadequate or lack of sleep also results in decreased pain tolerance, increased risk of developing chronic joint conditions, increased inflammation and impairs an individual’s athletic performance. 

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Adequate sleep with a good sleep cycle can help you to avoid these complications and provide you with good joint health along with increased mobility.

5. Supplements

Where natural things such as food items, good lifestyle habits and exercising are unable to provide effective results, supplements are something that most of us tend to turn towards. There are several joint supplements available in the market that claim to have promising results. Dr. Manan Vora suggests that these supplements consist of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These components help in lubricating the joints and in maintaining the cartilage present in the joints. As these supplements, one must consume them as an addition to the above mentioned points and should be taken after a doctor’s advice. 

This article is based upon a post by  Dr. Manan Vora, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Doctor on his instagram profile.