Know About 5 Lifestyle Habits That Might Cause Your Skin To Age

Here are some preventive measures and lifestyle changes that one can opt for in order to delay the signs of aging and get a youthful glow.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Nov 29, 2021 11:31 IST
Know About 5 Lifestyle Habits That Might Cause Your Skin To Age

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Flipping through the pages of lifestyle and fashion magazines, looking at those actresses to age like a wine and not being able to see a sign of aging on their skin can make you feel conscious about yourself and your own skin. Where the beauty industry will not leave any chance to earn profit and burn holes into your pockets by using your own insecurities against you,you must know that it is a few of your own lifestyle habits that might be causing your skin to age at an early stage. With our skin being one of the sensitive organs of the body, as it comes in contact with the environment and hence not taking proper care of it can result in damaging it. As a wise man/woman once said that “Prevention is better than cure” here are some preventive measures and lifestyle tweaks that you can adopt on a daily basis to delay skin aging and make its early signs less prominent. 

Lifestyle Habit That Causes Skin To Age

It is not always our genes or the environmental factors that are responsible for the way our body and specially our skin reacts. Sometimes it can be a reaction to our very own actions and lifestyle habits. Where we are always told to adapt a healthy lifestyle in order to stay healthy and keep your body in a good shape. Who knew that a good lifestyle can be beneficial for your skin as well. Here are some of the lifestyle habits that you need to tweak or give up entirely in order to get a youthful glow and delay those signs of aging at an early onset.

#1. Smoking

Well this is for all the smokers in the house, that little cigarette in your hand is not just damaging your lungs but is causing a lot of damage to your skin as well. If this Was not convincing enough then let us take you down into the details of it and understand the science of smoke and cigarettes. Chemicals present in cigarettes such as nicotine  cause the blood vessels to narrow down, due to this narrowing down of these blood vessels the oxygen supply to the skin cells becomes limited and hence there is a very less nutrition provided to the skin cells that eventually cause them to wrinkle up and shrink. It is not just the lack of nourishment caused by nicotine that causes your skin to age but the effect of smoke as well. Not just smoking but passive smoking can have some adverse effects on your skin as well. As when the smoke released from cigarettes comes in contact with your skin, it makes it look pale and your skin tone to be uneven

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As you quit smoking, the elasticity of your skin tends to improve which makes it smoother and your complexion to be fairer over a period of time. 

#2. Repetitive Touching

If you are someone who keeps on touching your skin repeatedly throughout the day and can not resist yourself but poke those pimples and blackheads then you might know that these habits can cause you to have wrinkles and fine lines from an early stage. Relatively touching your facial skin not just promotes the growth of bacteria on the skin and causes more breakouts. Using those tools such as tweezers, pluckers, nail cutters and other sharp objects to extract pimples and blackheads can cause permanent scarring on your face and result in premature aging. Not just acne scars but popping pimples also has long term effects such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

In order to prevent these conditions and to save your skin from getting scared try out treatments such as acne spot treatment, blemish extraction or take advice from your dermatologist for the same and prevent yourself from touching your face repetitively. 

#3. Dehydration Is An Issue

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No matter how much we stress upon the importance of hydration and its benefits for a person’s overall health and wellness, it would never be enough. Drinking adequate amounts of water and keeping yourself hydrated not just helps in flushing out the toxins but also looks after the proper function of various organ systems. When it comes to taking care of your skin, hydration plays an important role as it helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin which results in reduced wrinkles and makes those scars and soft lines disappear. As drinking ample amounts of water keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized which prevents the skin from drying. Dry skin is one of the main culprits resulting into wrinkles as it reduces the skin cell turnover and limits the skin capacity to retain moisture.

#4. Dirty Pillowcase

What was the last time you changed your pillowcase? Well if it has been more than a week then you should rush in right away and change those pillowcases. Using dirty pillow cases can contribute to various skin issues such as acne, blemishes, blackheads and much more. As you use these pillowcases the entire night, the sebum from your scalp gets transferred to it along with the dirt and debris. As these pollutants and sebum come in contact with your skin, it makes an ideal space for bacterial growth and hence gives rise to various skin issues. Not changing your pillow cases regularly can lead to various skin aging issues such as irritation, acne, rashes, redness and blemishes which can result in premature aging and the early onset occurance of wrinkles.

#5. Lack of Sleep

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No matter how much you love binge watching your favorite shaw after a long day, your sleep needs to be your priority. Late night parties, movies and get togethers are all fun and nice until it is disrupting your sleep. As while you sleep your body tends to replenish and rejuvenate itself. Lack of sleep, inadequate sleep and disturbed sleeping patterns can lead to early signs of aging such as pale skin, hanging eyelids, fine lines, swollen eyes, wrinkles, droopy mouth corners and darker under eyes. An adequate sleep and proper sleep schedule provides plenty of time for your skin to rejuvenate itself and promote the growth of new skin cells which results in a youthful glow.