5 Effective Tips To Stay Away From Puffy Eyes

Follow this easy skin care regime and make some easy lifestyle changes to get rid of those puffy eyes.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Aug 15, 2021 09:00 IST
5 Effective Tips To Stay Away From Puffy Eyes

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Waking up in the morning to those puffy eyes can be annoying as it has the potential to ruin your whole look. Trying on eye creams, different sculpting tools and tons of cosmetic products can burn a hole into your pocket. Well if you are someone who gets totally annoyed with those puffy eyes in the morning and want to get rid of it without spending a dime. Here we have some tricks and tips suggested by Dr, Saru Singh, MBBS, DALM on her instagram handle @dr.sarusingh which will help you to get rid of that morning puffiness along with a simple self care routine. 

5 Ways to Avoid Puffy eyes

Here is a simple skin care routine accompanied by some lifestyle changes which would not just help you to get rid of those puffy eyes in the morning but will help you to avoid them in a long run.

1. Stay Hydrated

Well this is another reminder for you to go and chug down a glass of water because hydration is the key. Dehydration is one of the known root causes of puffiness as it can cause saggy and sunken skin around your eyes. 


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Make sure that you are consuming plenty of water on a regular basis and if required set some alarms to remind you to grab a glass of water. You can also keep a water bottle on your workstation and keep on sippin.

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2. Keep it cool

Cold compress can be a solution to many problems and is definitely an answer to all your worries that revolve around those puffy eyes. Cold compress the area around your eyes for about 10 minutes with the help of eye masks to reduce the puffiness in that area by draining the excess fluid from your eyes. 

Eye Cream

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You can opt for some eye creams that consist of cucumber, green tea or arnica as it is proven to be helpful to reduce the puffiness in the area around the eyes.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Known for its dehydrating properties alcohol causes puffiness in the under eye area as alcohol causes the tiny blood vessels to become a bit leaky. Try to swap your bottle of wine with fruit juice or water infused with your favourite fruits to keep yourself hydrated and those puffy eyes at a bay.

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4. Reduce your salt intake

Everything is good when taken in moderation but an excess can be harmful and lead to complications. Although consuming salt is important for the proper functioning of our body due to the presence of iodine in it, an excess can result in fluid retention. As this fluid accumulates in the region around your eyes which results in swelling and puffiness of eyes.


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In order to decrease this fluid build up in your body, increase the intake of potassium and make sure that you are consuming more whole foods instead of those packaged foods which have high sodium content in them.

5. Pillows

Who does not love to be surrounded by those soft pillows while sleeping and feel cozy? Seems tempting right? Well little do you know that these soft pillows can be very beneficial to avoid those puffy eyes. As sleeping while elevating your head avoids the accumulation of fluids around and under your eyes, it helps to avoid that puffiness in that region. 


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Grab an extra pillow, tilt up a bit while sleeping  and let gravity do its job by pulling the fluid away from your eyes and leave those puffy eyes behind.

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Some tips to follow

Here are a few tips and lifestyle changes suggested by Dr. Saru Singh,  that will help you to get rid of those puffy eyes and will also work as preventive measures.

  • No matter what but never miss on your beauty sleep and make sure that you are getting adequate rest. Make sure that you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep everyday.
  • We know that you can't stop binge watching and scrolling through ‘gram but this has to end somewhere, so even if not for the sleep cycle but at least for your eyes, make sure that you detach yourself from electronic devices at least 1-2 hours before sleep.
  • Make sure that there is a gap of 6 hours between your last cup of coffee and your bedtime.
  • Gulping down and that heavy dinner and going straight to bed is not just bad for your health and would result in weight gain but is also a reason behind those puffy eyes. Make sure that there is a gap of at least 3 hours between your dinner and bedtime.

This articles has been created with inputs from Dr. Saru Singh’s post on her instagram profile. 

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