Try These 8 Natural Effective Remedies To Stop Bleeding From Wounds

Injuries can cause small cuts and wounds to bleed. Check out these home remedies to stop bleeding naturally. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jan 29, 2021
Try These 8 Natural Effective Remedies To Stop Bleeding From Wounds

You can get easily injured, with a simple knife cut in the kitchen or bg falling down in the park and hitting a rock. While some situations lead to heavy bleeding and require medical attention immediately. While, there are other small wounds and cuts that might not be very deep but won't stop bleeding. Moreover, even if these open cuts and wounds are minor, they can become infected if ignored. It then leads to scarring so it is important to treat them and stop the bleeding quickly. Injuries that end up in bleeding are quite common, but even bleeding caused by minor wounds has to be stopped. Most of the time,  these injuries can be treated at home, but it is important that you should know how to do this safely at home.

The first priority should be wearing latex gloves before applying it using anything in the wound to stop bleeding. Home remedies can be effective to stop bleeding. Even if the bleeding has stopped, it is important to keep the wound clean to prevent any type of infection. A simple open cut exposes your body to external bacteria without any protection or cover from the skin or the white blood cells that prevent infections. So, people use band aids, dressing and several other ways to disinfect wounds. Bleeding basically occurs to help you in cleaning out the wound. However, too much bleeding can make your mind and body go into shock. Read this article further to learn about some home remedies to stop bleeding naturally.

Home remedies to stop bleeding

Natural remedies do wonders for small cuts and wounds, and can help in stopping bleeding as well. However, you cannot expect the at home solutions to treat bleeding from major injuries, as this will require a healthcare professional's attention. Raising the injured or affected area can help in putting a halt on bleeding for few minutes. So, here are 8 home remedies to stop bleeding naturally:

1. Ice

Applying ice on a wound will clot the blood vessels that will further help in stopping the bleeding quickly as compared to many other home remedies. The best method is to wrap some ice cubes in a clean dry cloth and put it on the injury. The best way to do this is to wrap ice in a clean, dry cloth and place it on the wound.  It also helps reduce swelling. Ice helps in lowering the body temperature further helping in stopping the bleeding. Do not use ice to stop bleeding if your body temperature is higher or lower than normal.

2. Teabag

tea bags

Using tea bags on wounds is a very famous home remedy to treat wounds and stop bleeding. Just place a wet black teabag on the affected area after cooling it in the fridge. Tea has tannins present in it,  which are hemostatic and contribute towards blood clotting. Tannins have astringent that constricts the blood vessels in the wound. This antiseptic ingredient kills bacteria and helps in preventing infection. 

3. Petroleum jelly

Many cosmetics, including lip balms and beauty products, contain petroleum jelly. It contains a blend of oils and waxes that can be used to protect your skin. Petroleum jelly is a multipurpose ingredient that can help in treating chapped lips, cracked heals and stopping minor bleeding too. It is an effective home remedy to avoid scarring and healing your wound from within. Petroleum jelly is one of the best natural treatments to stop the bleeding from shallow cuts. Wipe the skin dry and clean the wound to remove any remaining petroleum jelly after the bleeding has stopped.

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4. Turmeric powder

Turmeric is packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties present in it. It is used to treat even some major wounds and cuts as well. Turmeric quickly heals the area, stops bleeding and even prevents further infections. Along with applying, turmeric powder can even be consumed mixed in milk for its extra benefits like pain relief. To use it, you can mix turmeric powder with honey and apply on your skin to make the mixture more effective to stop the bleeding. Even sprinkling the turmeric powder over the injury can also serve the purpose. Another way to use it is to just blend neem leaves and turmeric and make a smooth paste to apply on the wound as both can help in stopping bleeding quickly. 

5. Flour

Due to its drying properties, cornstarch or flour can help in speeding up the clotting process. Just sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch or flour on the minor bleeding wound. Once the blood has dried fully, rinse it off the starch with cold water. However, you should surely ask your doctor before using flour on your injury or bleeding wound.

6. Put pressure

put pressure

Applying pressure on the wound is one of the best ways to stop bleeding. Just put a clean and dry piece of cloth or towel ok the injury, using your hands or you can also take help from someone to put a halt on the bleeding. Try to put consistent firm but gentle pressure on the wound until the bleeding has stopped. Picking up the cloth to see if the bleeding bas stopped can make it difficult to stop the bleeding. The type of cloth does not matter but it has to be clean.

7. Honey

Another natural ayurvedic remedy to stop bleeding is honey. Similar to aloe vera, honey also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial present in it that can cure the wounds and help in speedy recovery from the injury. Honey is also used for hair and skin care routines. Mothers and grandmothers used to have honey for treating many respiratory difficulties as well. Along with quick healing, honey can also moisturize your wounds to eliminate unnecessary dryness. In fact, honey also has antibacterial properties that are beneficial for this purpose. You should prefer using natural honey instead of the honey extracted artificial packed products.

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8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose healing agent that helps with your wound healing, stopping bleeding, and even an aid for your beauty care routine too. This gel can contribute towards healing sunburns, reducing acne, dry elbows, knees and in coping up from chapped lips and cracked heels. Aloe vera contains antioxidants that can cure minor wounds and cuts, along with stopping the bleeding quickly. Aloe vera has anti inflammatory properties present in it that can help in wound healing and even soothing and cooling the affected area. To use it, you have to remove the leafy layer and use the inner gel. Aloe Vera gels are also readily available in the market and online.

How to prevent infection after bleeding wounds?


Most of the cases of minor bleeding can be stopped at home using simple as well as effective natural remedies. Once the bleeding has stopped, wounds should not be left open as it can lead to infections from external bacteria. Even if the bleeding has stopped, it is important to keep the wound clean to prevent an infection. You have to wash the wound itself with cool water and use soap to wash the surroundings of the affected area. Do not let soap on your wound. And if possible, try to remove any dirt or particles inside the wound using a pair of tweezers. It is necessary to clean the tweezers with alcohol before using them.

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Therefore, there are several natural remedies to stop bleeding from small  wounds and scrapes that you can try at home. And, do not forget to take your doctor's advice before using any of the above mentioned home remedies. Instead of running to the doctor or applying antiseptic creams at home, one can use these methods on less bleeding, for quick healing and infection prevention.

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