These Are The Traits Of A Lying Partner, Know How To Deal With Him/Her

Are you suspecting that your partner is lying to you? Read this article to find some traits of a lying partner including body language of a liar.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 16, 2020Updated at: Aug 16, 2020
These Are The Traits Of A Lying Partner, Know How To Deal With Him/Her

It is not easy to spot a liar, especially in a relationship. As you are emotionally attached to a person and your heart won’t be able to get to terms that someone you love is a liar. Admit it or not, all of us lie at some point of time for different reasons. But when someone lies as he/she is cheating their partner, it is unacceptable. Sadly, most people do not find out that their partner is cheating on them and is lying to them. If you suspect your partner to be disloyal to you, here are some ways to find out. 

Phrases that a liar uses often

"I don't want to talk about it"

People are often hesitant to talk to you more when lying, so the focus of their talk is more on how to end the conversation as quickly as possible. So, in order to end the conversation immediately, people often use this sentence that they do not want to talk about it. These are are just some life lessons that cheating teaches you.

"I don't remember when I said/did/heard this"

Lying people often make excuses to forget things. They start trying to show in front of you that they often forget things but in reality, they are unable to tell you the truth which is also a form of lying.

"You said it yourself, I didn't say anything"

To get rid of the charges on them, they put everything on you. When the person is unable to prove his point in the debate, then he starts blaming you quoting examples from the past where you might or might not have said that just to prove you guilty.

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"I already knew you wouldn't believe me"

Often, when someone is hiding something in front of him, he can use such sentences to maintain his confidence as if he had foreseen the situation. This is often spoken by people who feel confident on their behalf when they lie to you, i.e. people who do not have fear in their minds. Your relationship just needs a break.

"How can you accuse me like this"

The liar does not want to directly believe that you think he is guilty, so often he uses such sentences in his defense to verify the charges you have made, or to assume that he is right. That's why people often say how can you accuse me of this.

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Identify A Liar From Body Language

The aforesaid things will always be told by the liar, it cannot be 100% true. We just want to say that liars often use these sentences. Apart from this, some changes in body language can also help you in catching lies.

  • If you ask a direct question, the person immediately changes his head position when lying.
  • There is a sudden change in breathing speed. Often people start breathing fast while lying.
  • When lying, it is difficult to talk by looking in the front eye, so often such people start talking on the other side. Even if they look at you to win the trust, instead of being normal, the eyelids stop bowing and look stoically.
  • While lying, people repeat the same thing or word over and over again.
  • When lying, people often start executing more things, that is, they give more information than demand.

We hope this information helps in finding whether your partner is a liar or not. He may not be a cheater though but lying for no reason and hiding things from the partner is equivalent to cheating.

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