Top 6 Common Diet Myths Busted By Nutritionist

It is not advisable to blindly follow diets for quick weight loss. Here's fact checking some of the most popular diet myths.

Parmita Uniyal
Written by: Parmita UniyalPublished at: Jun 03, 2021
Top 6 Common Diet Myths Busted By Nutritionist

We have all followed them at some point or the other and have heard it from so many people that we actually believe them to be true. From eating early dinner to having honey-lemon water for weight loss, following certain diets, avoiding certain foods…the list is long. The truth is modifying your diet on basis on hearsay could do more harm than good. It is important to consult a qualified dietician who would make diet plan for you depending upon your body constitution, eating habits and daily schedule.

Shruti Bhardwaj, Senior Clinical Dietician, Narayana Hrudalaya Multi Speciality Hospital Ahmedabad dispels some common diet myths while speaking to Onlymyhealth.

MYTH 1: Having Early Dinner Will Help You Lose Kilos

Fact: We have heard this so many times that some of us might have blindly followed it. It is believed that eating after 6-6.30PM would make you gain weight.

However it's a myth. When you should have your dinner is interlinked with what time you are hitting the bed. Your ideal dinner time cannot be independent of your breakfast time too. Having early dinner will not help if you are eat late breakfast the next day.  Also, if you are eating in evening and consuming packaged foods like biscuits, namkeen, chips to satiate those mid-night cravings, it's not going to do any good for your weight loss.

Everyone has different eating time schedules and habits and it is advisable to scientifically design a diet chart.

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What We Should Do

  • Eat regular meals with a gap of at least 1-1/2 hour in between your sleep and last meal. 
  • Walking lightly for a few minutes after the dinner boosts digestion. 
  • Listen to your body in terms of portion size. 
  • If you are not able to maintain a gap of one hour or so, try to consume light dinner. 
  • Always pay attention to your food while eating and avoid eating in front of the television. 

MYTH 2: Drinking Lemon And Honey With Hot Water In Morning Aids Weight Loss

Fact:  Yes, it's a myth. There is no scientific evidence to back this theory that lemon and honey water melts fat. If one is doing any kind of physical activity or workouts, there are no problems in adding honey to your water but if not it will only add extra calories.

What We Should Do

It's not that having honey, lemon and hot water is not beneficial for health for reasons other than weight loss. Lemon is a source of Vitamin C so it's good to have it always. Hot water helps in bowel movement so one can have it for better gut health. 

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MYTH 3: It's Important to Take Protein Supplements If You Are Gymming

Fact: No, it's not advisable for everyone to take nutritional supplements while gymming to boost their protein intake.

There are many natural sources of protein available like nuts, milk, curd, paneer, pulses, soya etc.  There are many factors which actually play an important role when we are talking about increasing protein intake in our diet like quality of Protein, kind of physical activity, daily calories requirement, body's ability to synthesize protein etc.

What We Should Do

If one has a sedentary lifestyle and working out in gym just for weight reduction, there is no need of nutrition supplements.  

If one is working out to gain weight, any nutritional supplements if required would be decided by a qualified dietician as all nutritional supplements are not same in terms of composition, nutrition content etc. 

Common Diet Myths Busted

MYTH 4: Keto Diet Is Best For Weight Loss

Fact: Ketogenic or Keto Diet is a high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet that is mainly used to treat Epilepsy (Neurological Disorder) but nowadays many people are using it for weight loss. But here is a word of caution: no fad diet is good.

One should always aim to reduce weight the healthy way and for long term so that it is sustainable.  Healthy and balanced diet will always help you to lose weight over the time and give long term benefits.

There is no point blindly following a diet if there are low energy levels throughout the day, micronutrients deficiencies, hair fall, dull skin etc.  So follow a healthy lifestyle, have a sound sleep, do physical activity- Yoga, Meditation etc for sustainable weight loss.

Last year famous Bengali Actor Mishti Mukherjee died due to Keto diet because of kidney failure as per the statement from her representative. 

Common Diet Myths Busted

What We Should Do

It is best to consult a qualified dietician as she will guide you in a best way.  Do not start following any fad diet by your own accord and an advice from professional is a must. 

MYTH 5:  Stop Taking Protein If You Have High Uric Acid

Fact: It is said that in case of hyperurecaemia disease or high Uric acid levels in the blood, one should stop intake of all protein foods

It's a myth.  First it's important to find out a reason of high uric acid levels. There can be many causes - overweight, less or no physical activity, excessive consumption of alcohol, processed foods, high Purine foods etc.  Consult a qualified professional (Dietician) for better guidance on foods to avoid in case of  high uric acid and customized diet plan. 

What We Should Do

We stop taking all protein foods by own but we Indians are already on a lower side in protein intake so it is very important to consult for correct guidance. We don't have to stop all protein foods keeping in mind one can develop nutritional deficiencies in future. 

MYTH 6:  Eating Tomatoes Can Cause Kidney Stones

Fact: This is a myth that eating tomatoes can cause kidney stones. The possible causes might be obesity, not drinking enough water, too much intake of salt, sugar etc. Tomatoes are good source of antioxidant  Lycopene.  So one must use tomato with seeds in moderation and add in your daily cooking. 

What We Should Do

For preventing kidney stones, maintain hydration, restrict sugar, salt intake.

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