Stop Believing in These 5 Diet Myths to Boost Healthy Weight Loss

Many people believe that going on a diet means quitting food. Therefore, here are 5 diet myths you must not believe for a healthy weight loss.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Oct 04, 2020 15:02 IST
Stop Believing in These 5 Diet Myths to Boost Healthy Weight Loss

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Weight loss diets come and go, but it is pretty hard to get on a healthy meal plan. It is essential to take a proper balanced diet for healthy weight loss. A nutritional meal has to include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and the necessary minerals too. Terminating any one of these is not right. Even if you get through elimination of nutrients, it will be a very short term diet plan and you won't be able to handle it for long. Dieting is considered to be this big burden as it gets difficult to control day by day. Delicacies like pizza, donuts and burgers distract a lot, and you keep trying to control yourself from having it. If you just want to lose weight and not stay healthy, then some ways might work for you. But, if you really wish to live a healthy and fit life, you should not follow some diet myths that go around.

Diet myths you should not follow to boost healthy weight loss

People think by working out the whole day or by quitting carbs, they will lose weight quickly. Even if you do, it will not be a healthy weight loss. Here are 5 diet myths you should not believe in, if you want to boost healthy weight loss:

1. Skipping meals is right

Many people have this believe that skipping meals will help them in losing weight. However, it is not a wise choice. Skipping meals, especially breakfast can make you feel more hungry and even weak. If people with a weak immunity system skip a meal, it might get worse till getting faint/weak too. Have raw paneer for breakfast to lose weight

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2. Avoid all fats

This myth is taken seriously by a lot of people. Getting rid of obesity does not mean avoiding all the food items that contain high amount of fat. All fats are not bad. In fact, some may even help you in your weight loss journey. Unsaturated fats are a bonus for your body. Ingredients like Ghee and dry fruits can give you positive results in maintaining a healthy diet. There are good and bad fats. 

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3. Raw food is better than cooked food

Raw food is not at all better than cooked food items and the reason behind this lies in the nutrition that they provide. The relation between raw food and weight loss is not at all suitable. Cooking activates the nutrients in your food and even makes it tastier. In fact, it makes your dishes fresh and ready to it. 

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4. Stay away from all carbohydrates 

In recent times, low-carb diets have gained a lot of popularity. But, it is not the best solution. It is a huge myth that giving up on carbohydrates will help you in shedding a few pounds. In fact, it is adviced to consume whole grain carbs like quinoa, oats and rice. Don't miss out the important nutrients and fibre by avoiding carbohydrates. Removing carbs can increase the tendency of cheating on your diet. 

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5. Sugar-free products are good 

One should avoid using sugar substitutes instead of actual sugar foods. For example, using sugar free tablets in tea is not at all healthy for your body. Intake of sugar free items can even be harmful for your system. Moreover, artificial sugars have the ability to decrease your calorie intake but not for a long time. 

These were some myths that people have towards healthy dieting. Avoid them if you want to have a healthful weight loss journey. 

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