Clean Sleeping Is As Important As Clean Eating, Know Tips To Maintain Sleep Hygiene

Clean sleeping is nothing but sleep hygiene that we do while going to bed. To get tips on how to sleep peacefully, read this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 15, 2019 16:16 IST
Clean Sleeping Is As Important As Clean Eating, Know Tips To Maintain Sleep Hygiene

We are all aware of the term clean eating but hardly a few would be aware of the term ‘clean sleeping’. This term is synonymous with sleep hygiene which includes sleep routine or bedtime rituals. Also, clean sleeping is regarded as important as clean eating. Good sleep hygiene harmonizes the entire system from the brain to the body. It calms your mind, reduces stress, delays aging, and most importantly helps you stay energized to take over the day.

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is nothing but your bedtime habits that you do before dozing off. When you go to bed, your sleep hours, wake up time, nap time, etc. Are all part of sleep hygiene. Many people don’t know but better sleep can only get with a good bedtime routine. Uninterrupted sleep for a minimum of six hours is what’s called ideal sleep time. This would put end to all your sleep troubles that otherwise crop up due to poor sleep hygiene.

Clean sleeping

Importance of Clean Sleeping 

Clean sleeping or good sleep hygiene is the need of the hour. With work pressure rising every day, it becomes difficult for us to get a night of proper sleep. This causes insomnia and other physical, mental and psychological complications accompanied by inadequate sleep. Clean sleeping helps you sleep peacefully through the night sidelining all other odds.

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These are the elements of clean sleeping that would help you doze off quickly and easily:

Quietness: Better to have a calm environment around you without any noise.

Darkness: While this may vary as some people fall asleep with lighting. But it is suggested to sleep in a dark room. 

Temperature: The temperature of the roon you’re sleeping in should be moderate. Neither too cold nor too hot. The right temperature is the key.

A comfortable space: A comfy mattress with a cozy blanket would make all things sorted. If you keep all these things in mind for your sleep hygiene, trust us, you would never spend a night tossing and turning no matter how hectic your schedule is.

Clean sleepinghabit

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Tips for Clean Sleeping 

Just make these simple changes to better your sleep hygiene.

  • Sleep on time. Make it a habit to go to bed on the set time and sleep for at least six hours. Slowly, you and your body will get used to it.
  • Limit your daytime naps. As this does affect your night sleep. The lesser nap time, the better.
  • Stop using a smartphone or other gadgets at least half an hour before sleeping.
  • Do not consume caffeinated drinks before sleeping as this would disrupt your brain functioning and hamper your sleep.

Clean sleeping habits

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  • Do some kind of physical activity daily as a tired body helps sleep faster.
  • However, do not exercise before bedtime.
  • Avoid heavy dinners and eat light. 
  • Your environment should be calm and peaceful while you sleep. If you face difficulty, try essential oil diffusers with soothing oils lavender oil which promotes good sleep. You can buy one from Amazon by clicking here.

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