Follow These Tips By Expert To Increase Speed Of Muscle Recovery

Muscle problems are very common and are faced by almost everyone. Here are some tips you can follow for speedy muscle recovery.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Sep 15, 2021Updated at: Sep 15, 2021
Follow These Tips By Expert To Increase Speed Of Muscle Recovery

Muscle problems can occur because of various reasons at any point of time. Muscles are responsible to carry out our body functions and our daily activities with efficiency. This can be sometimes too tiring or overexertion for the muscles to perform well, that leads to muscle problems. Muscles issues can include, muscle pain, pull, muscle injury, tissue damage or anything else. Treatments are always available for these types of muscle problems but it is always better to use natural substitutes that can increase the speed of your muscle recovery. Today we will look at some tips provided by expert to heal your muscle problems faster.

Tips to Increase Speed of Muscle Recovery

OnlyMyHealth talked to Dr. A.K Chauhan, Orthopaedic MPT at Sahara Hospital, Lucknow gives some tips to improve muscle recovery. He says that apart from normal treatment, or medicines, rest is the best remedy for muscle recovery. It is because the more you give rest to your muscles, more efficiently the immune response works to treat muscle problems. Apart from that there are therapies, supplements and some lifestyle changes that you can apply to recover faster from your muscle problem.

1. Increase Your Resting Period


Sometimes people do not want to give their body proper rest and recovery time. This puts more pressure on the muscles and there is an increase change of muscle tear or tissue damage because of this. Sports person should especially take care of this thing and take more rest and sleep than their usual hours for proper recovery of their muscles. During muscle recovery doctor recommends sleeping for 10 hours or more per night. 

Sleep deprivation can affect muscle recovery and inflame the muscles. Hence taking proper rest is essential in this phase.

 2. Massage Your Muscles

You must have heard of sports person getting massage during their resting period. Also you must have noticed that massage gives relief to your body and you feel as sensation of relaxation. This is because massage provides pressure on the muscles and improves the blood circulation in the body. This results in better healing and significant improvement in muscle tension. You can massage your muscles on your own or get a profession for help to increase muscle recovery.


3. Wear Compression garments

It is not possible to take cold or hot compress all the time; hence compression garments can do the job for you. Compression garments are basically skin tight garments that hold your muscles and skin tight. This relaxes the muscles and makes the recovery quicker. Sports people wear it quite often to keep their muscles warm and active. Compression garments help in speedy recovery and makes the healing period shorter. However this cannot be done in case of physical muscle injury.

4. Contrast Water Therapy


This includes taking bath or dipping your body in cold water and then hot water alternatively. Contrast bath is a comparatively new concept that involves submerging in very warm water first. Then coming out of it and directly moving to extremely cold ice water. This is taken from hot compress and cold compress technique. It stimulates the muscle contraction and helps in recovery. It also improves dilation of blood vessels and results in positive heart rate.

It can also improve conditions like muscle soreness that happens post workout or intense exercising. However this technique is mostly recommended to those who have active muscles and indulge in physical activities more often. 

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5. Cryotherapy 

This is a special technique that is used for exposing your body to extremely cold temperature for some time. It is done under expert guidance as excessive exposure of body can also lead to health issues. Hence a study by I.R.C.C.S. institute of Orthopedic Galeazzi, Milan, Italy has observed that keeping a person at that temperature can reduce inflammation of muscles, reduce pain and muscle tiredness very effectively. This can boost the healing process of muscle recovery.


6. Avoid Alcohol 

Consuming alcohol is harmful for our health and it has been said multiple times. It also affects your muscle growth and muscle recovery. Having too much alcohol slows down the immune response and it impacts your muscles. It also affects endurance strength of the muscles and impairs them for protein synthesis which is very crucial for muscle recovery. 

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7. Stop Tobacco Consumption

Well, this is even more harmful to health. Smoking or consuming tobacco of any kind has any very negative impact on health. It affects your healing process of muscles to a great extent. Smoking Infact increases the risk of muscle injury and tissues. It is also associated with increase in joint pain, fractures and muscular damage.

8. Take Creatine Monohydrate

This is a dietary supplement and solution that can help you achieve speedy recovery. It has been researched on a lot in the past few years and has done consistently well in improving muscle problems. It also increases strength of the muscles if combined with resistance training for muscles. However it depends on the type of muscle problem, if this should be recommended or not.

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